Wednesday, January 13, 2016

If I won the lottery..........

1.5 BILLION dollars.  That is what the Powerball is worth tonight.  Imagine waking up today and just going about your daily life.  By the time you go to bed you are a BILLIONAIRE!  WOW!  Here are some things I would do with my earnings if I won.  How about you??

1.  Hire an attorney and someone to help me handle the money.
2.  Take the money after taxes are taken out.
3.  Put it in the bank.  Live off the interest.
4.  Pay off my parents debt.
5.  Pay off my student loans and car.
6.  Pay off all my family's debt.
7.  Pay off all my friends debt.
8.  Put money away for my nieces and nephew's college.
9.  Start the adoption process so my nieces and nephew can have a cousin!
10.  Hire a chauffeur, chef, and trainer.
11.  Buy my friend Ryan a new car.
12.  Buy my friend Lee his dream car.
13.  Buy a house in Lockerbie square (downtown Indy).
14.  Start building my dream home someplace warm.
15.  Start building a home for my parents next door to my dream home.
16.  Buy a private plane.
17.  Family vacation to Disney.  (I haven't been since I was 8.)
18.  Go on vacation with all my family and friends.  Hawaii, Australia, Europe, Turks and Caicos.  Stay in a hut over the tropical water.
19.  Build an animal rescue.  Name it after a co-worker who passed away and rescued animals.
20.  Build a better student health center at Purdue.  State of the art.  Make sure to have a special mental health department where all students feel welcome no matter what and not like a test subject.

Now off to buy my lottery ticket.  Because I have to buy it to win it.........................