Monday, December 14, 2015

The World According to a 5 Year Old

Today I would like to give you a little glimpse into life as a 5 year old.  The struggle is real.  Adults are always saying no.  Always making you eat weird food and going to bed early.  #roughlife  Here are some fun, absolutely true quotes and statements about my K#1.

1.  "I know.  I already knew that.  I know."  Ok gotcha!  I use to say the same thing to my Mom.  I understand now why she got annoyed.
So much sass in this picture.
 2.  "You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit."  I'm pretty sure she said this to Grandpa when he was whining about his dinner.

These two are on the exact same age level.  Just saying!!!!  72 and 5 are a lot alike!

3.  "Just tell me what you are whispering about?  What does that spell?  Just tell me!"  Soon she will know how to spell and we won't be able to talk about her while she is in the room.  Whenever she asks us, I try and make up some outrageous story.  She typically buys it.  Or I just change the subject.

Innocent me?  Christmas 2014
 4.  "I don't have to go potty."  5 minutes later.  "I have to go potty."

I would never do that!!!  LIES!
5.  "The cold never bothered me anyway."  Okay Elsa from the movie Frozen.  But you still have to wear wear your coat outside.

Can you please buy this for me?
 6.  "Meggie I just love you.  Please move closer so I can see you everyday."  Ok.  No problem as I melted into a puddle right then and there.

She is always up for an adventure.
7.  "I know.  I know.  I know."  Whoops did I already mention that one?  I've heard this one a lot.

Lies!  All lies!
8.  If you promise me something, I will not let you forget.  Trust me.  I'll bring it up every chance I get.  "Meggie can we please play with this?  You promised!"

From Easter this year.

9.  Sometimes little white lies happen.  I swear!  See #4.

Not from this sweet, innocent girl!
10.  You are at a restaurant.  Everyone's food has arrived.  "I have to go potty."  Every. Single. Time.  A fight breaks out at the table because no one wants to take her.

She is a sweet angel.  Always standing up to Grandpa for me.  Girlfriend has my back.

Life is always a fun time when you are 5.  No responsibilities.  Naps are a thing of the past.  You are the height of your game.  But I beg you to stop growing up!  Because I swear it went from this:

March 13, 2010
To this in a blink of an eye!

November 1, 2015


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