Friday, October 30, 2015

High Five for Friday - Halloween Edition

1.  Let's start off with some very exciting news!

IT IS A............................................................................

I am getting a nephew!

2.  Started off to a very exciting week for my family.  These girls don't know it yet but they are going to have their worlds turned upside down.  But in a good way!  We found out that they are going to have a baby BROTHER!!!!!!  They have lived in a very pink and purple world.  Time to add some blue.  Mom and baby are doing just fine.  Everybody is itching to shop for boy items!  Having a baby brother is a lot of fun.  They have cool toys and you can boss them around.  What is even cooler is we finally have someone to carry on the Carr name officially in the next generation.  Bless his heart he is the only one left!

3.  Trick or treating was last night in my hometown of Norwalk, Ohio.  Here are some pictures of me and Baby K passing out treats.  She was Minnie Mouse.  She enjoyed passing out some treats, trick or treating at a few houses, and of course eating the candy!!!  My favorite costume was a Ghostbuster.  His ghost fighting pack was a big blow up backpack.  The best quote was a little girl who said, "What is that smell?"  I thought my goodness I showered today.  It was Grandpa's cigar.  LOL.  I had to think about it for a second because we are so use to it.

4.  If you know me, been to my home or office, you know I LOVE to decorate for all holidays.  I mean really decorate.  Lee thinks I am ridiculous for having so many boxes of 'seasonal' decor.  I say this is why I have a storage unit.  (Free it came with my apartment.)  I wanted to share with you some of my decor at my home and office.

Stick-ums from Target $1 bin.  I've got them for every season

I bought this tree at Pottery Barn Kids years ago on sale.  The ornaments are from QVC and they jingle.  The spider was made by me when I was very young.  My Mom kept it all these years and it looks perfect on top.

Pumpkins from Target

Candy dish from Target last year

Candy corn Hobby Lobby.  The pumpkin I made.  I saw in Martha Stewart's magazine.  She did on a real pumpkin and painted the candy corns.  As her protege I just used a fake pumpkin and stickers.

This was a kit I got from Target last year.  Has a tail on the back.

Ornament from Target
Also a kit from Target several years ago.  I did paint.  As you see I have a thing for black cats.

5.  Here are some very old Halloween pictures from when I was a little girl.  How ADORABLE is my baby brother?!

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  1. How cute are the girls and how exciting that a boy is on the way!!! Yay!!! Love all the pics, especially your Halloween tree! Very cool!!