Friday, July 17, 2015

In the moment


Feeling:  Like I want to spend money like crazy.  Payday does this to me.
Thinking:  Do I have the will power to go to the grocery store today?  I probably can handle Aldi.  If you don't shop there, you need to check it out.  Just like their commercial says, you will cut your bill in half.
Missing:  My nieces.  My Mom and Dad.  Their hugs and making me laugh.

Watching:  My current favorite show is Bringing up Bates.  Oh my gosh their family is so adorable. 
Check them out Thursday at 9pm on UPtv

Reading:  The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel.
The show is also pretty good.  Thursdays at 8pm ABC.

Excited:  I just bought a new computer on QVC with 6 easy pays.  It is the way to go folks!

Wondering:  When am I going to go home to see the family again in Ohio.  I HATE driving.
Proud:  Of my niece K#1 for her swim meet yesterday.  At 5 she swam 25m free, 25m back, and a relay.  Ummm hello I could barely do all that at 8!
Pics from a previous swim meet.  I just love this collage.

Wanting:  To wake up one day and suddenly be a size 14/16.  I'm not even picky.  I don't mind being slightly plus size :-)
High school skinny self.  I use to think I fat.  HA!

Wishing:  I had a sugar Daddy!  I'm not kidding!  *wink, wink
Between me and her we have dried up this sugar Daddy's wallet.
Eating:  Last night Lee and I went on a DQ run.  I had the most delicious peanut butter cup blizzard with chocolate ice cream...................
Drinking:  Iced hazelnut coffee from McDonald's.  I'm officially old because I crave coffee all the time now.
Loving:  My new apartment.  I'll be doing a tour of the new place next week.  Stayed tuned!

Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully I made you laugh a little bit!


  1. You should come home for the all class reunion and dedication of the all sports complex!! I get the whole driving thing, trust me. I LOVE the DQ PB cup blizzard with chocolate ice cream!!! That's usually my go-to thing! I can't wait to see pics of your new digs! Moving is a pain but I find putting things back up and together again can be fun. It's a time to reorganize and reinvent the way things used to be at the old place :)

    1. What?! I thought I was the only person who got it with chocolate ice cream. It tastes so much better. We are too much alike. I will let you know when I will be in Norwalk again. I was sick over the weekend so my new apt. tour is a little delayed. I need to get the apt. in tip top condition again.