Friday, June 5, 2015

Five for Friday

TGIF!!  It is finally Friday!!!  Do you have any big weekend plans?  Not me.  Here are Five things from my Memorial Day long weekend home in Norwalk, Ohio.

1.  Where to start?  Let me just go in order of all my pictures.  This stud muffin is my BFF-forever Ryan.  We have been friends for 15 years.  Roommates in college.  We are more like family now.  For some reason he loves to go visit my parents in Norwalk.  Crazy kid!  This is Ryan and Bailey, my parents new rescue cocker spaniel.  She is absolutely the sweetest thing.  Loves everyone and everything.  Ryan was no exception.  My parents got so bent out of shape because she slept with me the first night we were there.  Cuddled right up next to me.  Smothered me in kisses.  She is the BEST!

Ryan's new buddy, Bailey
2.  Have you ever heard of the show Parenthood?  It recently ended and Mom and I were big fans.  One of the stars named Monica Potter, opened a home goods store in her hometown of Garrettsville, Ohio.  Mom wanted to go visit so we made the 1.5 drive to the far, far east side of Cleveland. 

Monica Potter has a blog called Mrs. Potter.  She has all kinds of fun tips and of course online shopping.  The store is literally in the middle of nowhere.  (Hello Amish country!)  We were slightly disappointed in our trip.  And especially the customer service.  We did find a few things to purchase though.  On the way home we stopped at an amazing Amish bakery, so the trip wasn't a complete bust.

It was a beautiful day.
The Monica Potter Store
Monica was not there that day.

Mom shopping away.

I spent a lot of time in the hair accessory area.  I got the bottom right white lace headband.  I really liked some of the others but with my big head they came flying off.  No joke!  LOL!  The one I got ties in the back.

3.  On our trip home from Monica Potter store and Amish country, we drove back along Lake Erie.  Ryan is obsessed with the water.  We stopped at a little park and took some pictures.  It was a beautiful evening and a nice drive home with the windows down looking at all the BIG lake houses along the shore.

Lake Erie
Got to work on Mom's picture taking skills.  Chest up and no concrete barriers.  LOL

4.  Nieces, nieces, nieces.  I don't think I need to say anymore than that.
My heart absolutely melts over her.  She told me, 'I just love you, Meggie.'  Puddle on the floor.
Gammy finally got an ole fashion umbrella stroller at Target.  The girls had more fun playing with it than their toys.
Baby K LOVES when you read her books.  Grandpa happily agreed.
Can you even handle this?  FASHIONISTA!  A onesie, sunglasses, high heels, and her $1 mirror from Pier 1.
Because she lets me take pictures of her when I say silly faces!
Baby K is very easily entertained.  No need for fancy toys.  Lava rocks from the landscaping will do.
This picture is terribly blurry because 1.5 yr olds don't hold still.  This baby doll fell into Gammy's cart at Target.  She carried her everywhere.
Again blurry.  But Aunt Meggie and Great Aunt Sally curls live on!  I apologize in advance Baby K.
She took this picture after her nap.  She is such a cuddle monster after she wakes up.
5.  The day after I got home from the long weekend, these 2 things happened. 

Facetiming at lunch time.  I missed them already!

Eating everything in sight.  Oh Baby K.
Funny story about Baby K here.  We were asking her, 'Where is Grandpa?'  Trying to get her to say 'golf'.  Well instead out comes, 'Who knows?'  All 4 of us started laughing hysterically.  That's her Daddy's smart attitude.

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought her back.  BTW she is fine.  It was like 2 minutes.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!  

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