Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy One Year Blog Anniversary to Me

Because all good blogs start with a kitty picture or two.  Callie aka Baby Kitty.  Falling asleep in my lap.

Sabrina.  Queen of the castle.  I'm her peasant.  Just her supplier of treats, food, litter, water, treats, toys, pets, and more treats.

Hey!  I guess this ole thing still works!  Man I haven't posted in forever.  I'm sure you have just been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting, too.  Ha-ha!  Well I just paid to renew the blog today, so I figured I better start using it again!!!

So what exactly have I been up to?  Sitting on the beach in Jamaica for the past 6 months.  Drinking fruity drinks while being fanned by some cabana boys.  (Ha-Ha, I wish!)  Actually I've just been doing the normal living human things.  Feeling very unmotivated to write any blog posts.  I promised myself when I started this blog, I wouldn't write if I didn't feel motivated.  I guess I got into that old winter slump, too.

One thing I struggle with writing, is sometimes I just don't want to put it all out there.  Believe it or not I can be kind of a private person.  (Hard to believe with my big mouth.  I actually can be a shy person when you first get to know me.)  As I've gotten older, I've been super careful of what I post on social media.  Because when you put it out there on the internet, you can never take it back again.  I worry that someday, something I write will come back and bite me in the bum.  Life is about taking chances though.  And I feel like I have something to say.

Writing a blog makes it really easy for you to get to know me and what I am doing in my life.  You can read my stories. You get to see pictures of my life. You can see all these things on social media if I am not writing about it on here.  But what bothers me is I don't get to see your life, your struggles, your heartache, your joy, etc.  Is this making any sense?  I guess I just went through a phase where I didn't feel like it was fair that you could read all about my life and I knew nothing about yours.  It just didn't seem fair.

My biggest supporters of this blog were not my immediate family.  (Or so I thought!)  My Dad has only read this blog a couple of times.  He is a man who loves to write and I thought he would be one of my biggest fans.  But that is okay.  I talk to him everyday and he lives this life with me.  (Even from 4 hours away.)  Just like my close family and friends.  They are there with me during these experiences and they might not want to read about them.  My 2 biggest fans are my Aunt Sally and sister-in-law Stacey.  I'm pretty sure they read every post and talk to me about them, too.  That means a lot.  (I also have some distance family, friends, co-workers who are also great supporters!  I appreciate every reader!!!)  It is always fun when a friend I don't talk to on a regular basis, mentions a blog post.  And yes Mom I know you read this, too.  It isn't as exciting for you because you know all my stories ;-)

It has been one year since I started this blog.  Total I have had over 14,318 hits on my blog.  In the month of April, I didn't write one post, but had 683 views.  From all over the world, too.  Kind of exciting.  So I am going to keep writing this blog.  Maybe I will become famous someday.  (Tee-hee!)  Maybe I will make a supplemental income off this blog.  But regardless, I am going to keep telling my stories and sharing my 384,402 pictures of my nieces.  I hope you will keep reading because I have a lot to say. 

There are those nieces.  I promise Baby K was happy.  She just didn't want to stop playing long enough for a quick picture.  17 month olds.  Geez!


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