Thursday, May 21, 2015


Happy Easter!  What?!  I'm only a month late!  Here are some pictures of my weekend at home.  My Dad and brother were not in attendance this year.  Something about going to Augusta, Georgia for the Masters Golf Tournament.  I mean......doesn't that sound silly?  A 70 year old and 3 young 30 somethings.  Doesn't that sound fun?!  I will let the pictures do the talking.

Bailey Anna (picture made by someone at the Cherished Cocker Rescue)
First off let me tell you about this cute little lady.  She is the newest member of the family.  Miss Bailey Anna.  She is a rescue from Cherished Cockers.  As you know my parents recently lost one of their dogs, Annie.  Bailey comes from an owner surrender.  We aren't 100% sure of all the details.  All I have to say is that she is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.  My parents had only had her about a week when I came home for Easter.  Immediately she jumped on me and knocked me over on the couch and covered me in kisses.  She is just the cutest.  For some weird reason she ADORES my Dad.  I mean he is such a grumpy old man.  But she fell in love.  They enjoy afternoon snoozes on the couch and watching westerns together.  Their other dog Casey is getting along fine with Bailey.  He has a little more bounce in his step.

Dying eggs
Having nieces is a good excuse to bring out all the traditional things I use to do as a youngin'.  (Because isn't it fun to pretend you are young again?!)  Here we are dying Easter Eggies.  Eggies are probably one of this young lady's favorite food.  It was everything we could do to get her to save these for breakfast the next day.  He-he!

Gammy with her girls
But first let me take a selfie
I promise Baby K isn't really that unhappy.  I snatched her up mid-run to try and pose for a picture.  She wasn't having it.
Excuse me ma'am.  Have you seen any Easter eggs?
This is so much fun!
Pretty girl in her Easter dress
We ended the day with a some ice cream.
I told her to do a silly face.


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