Monday, February 9, 2015

Vanity Plates

Over the past year I've been collecting some interesting vanity plate pictures and thought I would share them with you.  Do you have a fun vanity plate?  I always enjoy trying to figure out what they mean.

My vanity plate.  Purdue and 3 for 2003. 
2 Dads is better than one.  I'm all about equal rights for everyone and loved seeing this.  They are probably better parents than some of the crazies out there.

Crazy cat lady alert!  Hope she doesn't have 83 cats.

An electric car.

Well if they get a waffle plate, I want a pancake one!!!

I'm assuming you are a pilot.

"My autistic kid will LICK your honor roll student."  LOVE IT!!!!
My best friend's name is Lee.  I sent this to him asking if he got a new car.  LOL
'Poodles are just little furry people!'  I've met very few friendly poodles.
I was with my Daddio when I saw this.  He says they were in the Army.  Then yelled at me for using my phone while driving.

My first vanity plate.  For Sigma Kappa my sorority.  My car was the official SigKapmobile

Now they hang on my office wall.  I now have an official Indiana Purdue plate.
Happy Monday to you!


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