Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sweet Annie

Sweet Annie
Sweet Annie
Can I stay with you a while
Cause this roads been putting miles on my heart,
Sweetheart I've been livin in a fantasy
But one day Lightning will strike
And my bark will lose it's bite
But don't give up on me
Sweet Annie.
-Zac Brown Band-

I want to tell you the story of a dog named Annie Sofia Carr.  Aka Annie Bananie.  We only got to spend a year with her.  It just wasn't enough time.  But it is all we needed for her to change our lives.

Annie was adopted by my parents from a great organization called Cherished Cockers.  In fact Mr. Casey (aka KK) also was adopted from the rescue.  Let me be the first to tell you.  There is nothing better than a rescue pet.  Some of the most loyal, lovable animals you will ever meet.
Casey Oliver.  Yes we give our pets middle names.  His should really be Ornery.  He looks innocent but he is spoiled rotten!

Miss Libby passed away in the fall of 2013.  To say she left a void in our family, is an understatement.  Libby was my dog.  (Meaning she loved me the best.  We had a special connection.)  After she was gone, things were really quiet.  No one to run the household and keep tabs on everyone's comings and goings.  She was the alpha dog and Casey was kind of lost without her.  We were all quite heartbroken by her passing but knew Mr. KK needed another friend.  Mom wasn't ready yet but was checking out Cherished Cockers website every once in awhile.

Liberty Belle.  AKA Miss Libby 2001-2013

In January a dog named Annie became available.  I wish I still had a copy of her adoption story.  It made me sob.  Annie was estimated to be about 5-6 years old.  She lived on a farm with an old man who kept her pinned up outside.  She lived outside during the Polar Vortex in West Virginia.  During that time she had a litter of puppies and all but one died.  The rescue came in to save her puppy and tried to take Annie, too.  The old man would not let them take her.  They kept coming back to bring Annie hay and blankets to stay warm.  Finally the man allowed the rescue to take her.  Annie made her way to the Cleveland area and lived with a very sweet foster family.  Mom and Dad were automatically approved for adoption since they had a history.  And one cold day in January, Annie became a Carr.
One of the first pictures we got of her.  Her foster family was so sweet and good to her!
Annie before being rescued.
Annie before being rescued.  We just recently saw this picture for the first time.
Annie happens to be the name of my great grandmother, so in my eyes it was meant to be.  Sofia is from Sofia the First which at the time was my niece's favorite Disney princess.  Annie and Casey became friends immediately and she fit right in.  We weren't sure how she would react to my nieces, K#1 and then Baby K.  K#1 was a very active 3 year old at the time and a lot to take in for a dog.  (For Grandpa, too.  Ha-Ha!)  But Annie did not notice.  She was not bothered one bit.  And even as Baby K grew up that year, she wasn't fazed by her either.  The girls were allowed to touch her toys, pet her, lean on her, chase her, Annie Bananie didn't care.  I don't think the dog would hurt a fly.  Dad claims to only have heard her maybe bark one time.  (Not kidding!)

I LOVE this picture!  We couldn't find her one night.  We looked everywhere.  She had gone inside K#1 princess tent and was asleep on the blow up bed.  I can't handle!!!
Annie loved sunbaths.  Eating and more eating.  If I was at home and asked to feed her, I always gave her a full cup of food instead of a half.  (Sssshhhh don't tell!)  Girlfriend loved to eat.  She enjoyed many naps on the sofa with her favorites, Dad and Casey.  She adored my Dad!!!!  Why, I don't know.  He's a grumpy, OCD, old man.  She followed him around and always waited for him while he was in the garage.  I loved the bond they had.

Having a sun bathe.
Annie developed a cough late summer, early fall.  (I think???)  It started out slow and got worse and worse.  The vet treated her for everything.  And I mean everything!!  Antibiotics and cough medicine were taken.  Possible hernia, pneumonia, and in the last week we thought maybe a fungal infection.  The x-ray of her lungs did show something but without further invasive testing they weren't sure.  The vet didn't think it was cancer because she was so young.  The cough was terrible.  Her whole body would shake and she would just gag.  It was almost like something was stuck.  She continued to eat and act like herself.  But in the last week her desire to eat declined and in her final day she didn't even try.  Late on Sunday night, Mom and Dad were sitting with her.  Dad was just loving on her.  He let her outside and she used the restroom.  She came back in and just collapsed on the floor.  And that was it.  She was gone.

I have always heard that God doesn't give you more than you can handle.  Annie came into my parents lives for a reason.  It was only for a year.  And it just wasn't fair.  She had such a hard life and she deserved more.  My parents did everything in their power to help her.  But I find so much comfort now knowing she is not suffering anymore.  That we all were able to love and spoil her.  As my Aunt told me, 'Annie got to experience real love.'

I know you may think, why are you writing about a dog.  It is just an animal.  Well in my world, I was raised from day one with dogs in my house.  I don't know any other way.  My family always treats them like members of the family.  Pets give us so much more than we even realize.  They show undying love and compassion.  They don't judge us.  They just love us.  It is a beautiful thing.  I wanted to share her story with you because it deserves to be told.  Annie I hope you and Miss Libby and all our dogs before you are in heaven living the life you always dreamed of.  Thank you for gracing our lives with your presence.  You will never be forgotten.

My 4 year old niece says Libby and Annie are going to be best friends.  I happen to think she is right.  Such a wise little girl.

Annie at her foster home

First picture Mom sent me of Annie as they brought her home.
A welcome sign my Dad made.  The ole man has a big heart.

Her first night home.  She only slept here one night before moving to a big king bed.

Facetiming with Annie for the first time.

Someone found their new bed.
Already on her first day becoming a Daddy's girl.  And sitting on the couch like a princess.
Daddy's girl.  You can barely see Mr. Jealous Pants Casey there, too.

Is that not the cutest thing?!  They were asleep.

When you are tired you are tired!
Cuteness overload!

Lots of belly rubs.  You could always pick her up and snuggle.  She didn't mind.

Her favorite spot was Mom's chair in the afternoon.

Kind of blurry but watching Mom do the dishes.

Snuggles in the bathroom.

Girl's day as my niece says.  Playing outside.  Girls only!

Annie's Christmas present.  A purse that says, 'I love you!'

Another Christmas toy.  Gumby.  He wasn't a big hit.  My nieces like him better.

Her favorite spot.  We would always see the tree shake and knew Annie was getting comfy.  It was her first Christmas.


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