Thursday, February 26, 2015

9 Signs I'm Smarter Than The Average Person

Sometimes the weirdest things will inspire a blog post.  For me it was this latest MSN article.  9 science-backed signs you're smarter than average person.  I had to see how smart I was.

1.  You don't smoke.  Nope I sure don't.
2.  You took music lessons.  Yes and yes.  I took piano lessons growing up.  I really did enjoy it but I never practiced.  Although I really wish I still had my piano.  I think I would take it up again.  I also played the violin.  Funny story on how that came to be.  (Especially since I always wanted to play the flute.)  I had a terrible 6th grade teacher.  In order to get out of class, I signed up to play the violin.  I played from 6th grade until my freshman year of college.  I've thought about selling my violin but I just can't bare to part with it.
3.  You're the oldest child.  Yes and the only child.  Whoops I mean I have a younger brother.  He doesn't know that I exist though.
This kid keeps showing up for family events.  I have no idea who he is.
4.  You're thin.  HAHAHA I will leave that one alone.  But I am in the picture above!
5.  You have a cat.  Yes and I am an overachiever on this one.  I have 2 cats.  Finally being a crazy cat lady is paying off!  They make me smarter.

6.  You were breast-fed.  God bless my Mother.  Yes I was.  Although honestly I think it is all about the time you spend with your child.
7.  You drink alcohol.  I don't mind the occasional glass of wine.

Nice glass of Moscato.  Which promptly put me right to sleep on New Years.
8.  You're left handed.  I lose at this one.  Although I can write with my left hand pretty well.  I'm not ambidextrous but I'm pretty close.
9.  You're tall.  Heck yes I am!  5'10"!!!!!!  My Grandfather was 6'4" and my Dad is 6'.  Did you know, that when I hug my Mom, she fits right under my chin.  Isn't that cute?!  My brother and I are exactly the same height.  (Again who?)

So I got 7 out of 9.  How about you?

Original article can be found here.


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