Monday, September 29, 2014

So....where have you been?

I have written, and re-written this blog post several times in my head.  I even started writing it on here and then deleted it.  I over think things WAY too much.  So let me just get down to business.

Blog posts are going to be a little thin over the next couple of months.  When I started this blog, I really wanted it to grow.  And it has done very well.  I really enjoy writing and it is a release for me.  For the next several months though, I won't be writing as much as I would like.  But after the first of the year, GAME ON!  I will be coming back at you full force.

So I'm being pretty vague, eh?  I promise you my life is not that exciting.  I am taking a class this semester and it pretty much eats up all my free time.  But I'm cool with that.  I've also had some health issues (nothing too major).  For right now everything is good on that front (*knock on wood).  But my body is fighting back and I need to listen to it.

When I am not studying and worrying about myself...............I like to focus all my attention on my family.  Especially my nieces.  My heart overflows with so much love for them.  Here are some pictures of when they came to Indy a couple of weeks ago to visit little ole me.  We went to the Indianapolis Zoo.

Photo courtesy of Stacey.  Me and my girls.  The waitress asked if K#2 was my daughter.  That she looked exactly like me.  My day was made!

This double stroller is AH-MAZING!  Stacey just whips it in and out.  It has all these cool places to store things.  Plenty of cup holders.  The kids can lay down or sit up.  Pull a shade over them.  I mean it does everything but change a diaper.  And people get out of your way when you have a stroller!

A flamingo.  Their legs look just like sticks.  They look so breakable!

When you have your best dress on, you have to run through the splash pad.  (It was a super hot day!)  Aunt Meggie may have ran through a little bit, too.
I really like the Zebra.  Their stripes are so perfect!

All K#1 wanted to see were the elephants.  After we saw them she then announced we could leave.  We had only been there about 30 mins.  Silly girl!
Dippin Dots!  She may have eaten mine, too :-)

Poor Baby K.  She was tired.  She had a little stomach bug all weekend.  But you would never know it.  She is the happiest little thing ever.
Aunt Sally came to the Zoo, too!  It was her first time meeting Baby K.  K#2 went straight for her jewelry.
In the dolphin splash zone, waiting for the show to start.  I was not upset I had to sit there.  Secretly I loved it.  K#1 was mad we only got splashed once.  He-he!

A big THANK YOU to my SIL, Stacey.  She drove everyone to Indy and back.  (I'm sure she had lots of fun with her chatty Mother in law and daughter.....hehe.)  Not only that but traveling with 2 young girls is not easy.  It takes a lot and it was no vacation for her.  She is just an amazing mother!  Stacey, thank you so much!!!!  I love you!!!

A big birthday wish to 3 members of my family.  (Their birthdays are almost all within the same week.) 
Stacey:  Sept. 24
Dad:  Sept. 26
Mom:  Oct. 5

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading and I will pop in here when I can.  Be sure to follow me on social media, especially Instagram and Twitter.  Thanks and have a great week!

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