Thursday, September 18, 2014

Labor Day

Hi there!  So life seems to be getting in the way of my blogging these days.  I seem to be doing this and doing that and just have no time for blogging.  I haven't even put out my fall decor yet at my apt.  Which for those of you who know me is so unlike me!  I love decorating for the seasons but I just can't seem to accept fall is coming.  I do love the cooler temps.

Seeing how September is almost over, I thought I would share some pictures from Labor Day.  Remember that long weekend?  Let me just say my family kept me going.  I didn't have time to sit down and relax once.  I just fell into bed at night.  That is the good kind of tired.  Let me share with you some of the highlights from that weekend.

Oh hi there.  Look at me being a big girl.  I'm almost 10 months old now.
Big sister with a cute braid in her hair.  And one of Gammie's necklaces.  Girl loves to dress up!
Ummmmm excuse me, Granpa.  Did you just pick me up off the floor?!  I was trying to catch that big furry thing down there.
A fair maiden at the Melon Festival in Milan, Ohio.  She got to bounce on a blow up pirate ship.
More treats from the Melon Festival.  Did you know that people get out of your way when you have a stroller.  Like it was the parting of the Red Sea when I was walking.  And lots of places to store my stuff in the stroller.  Aunt life!
Big girl here got to have a Girl's sleepover for the first time at Gammie and Granpa's.  She did great!  Remember K#2 who woke up with you.  Not Gammie!

My SIL Stacey invited me to go with her family to an all you can eat seafood buffet at Mon Ami in Port Clinton, Ohio.  It was like she knew that I had been craving seafood.  (The 'rents had a previous engagement that evening.)  All I have to say is that it was AHHHMAZZING!  Words can't describe.  We had a pretty long wait but it was a gorgeous evening.  We sat outside and drank wine.  There was a wedding going on so we watched that.  Then we saw a couple get engaged.  It was just a magical evening.  He-he.  And the food.  My mind is still blown.  I will be dreaming of that buffet until I go again.  Here are some pics.  Sorry they are a little blurry.  I was too busy eating.
SHRIMP!  I mean to tell you these things were huge.  I think that is some fried walleye as well.  I tried everything.
Crab legs.  You know a good crab leg?  When you can just pull all the meat out in one big long strip. And dip in melted butter.  UH-HUH!
And the finale!  Bananas foster.  They had a station that would whip this up for you.  I am not a huge banana fan but oh my do I love a good bananas foster.  This one was goooood!
Have you ever heard of Toft's Dairy?  It is a dairy in northern Ohio, not far from Lake Erie.  I grew up drinking and eating their products.  Having moved away and come back home to Norwalk, I have to say their products are the best.  I drink skim milk and I am telling you that their skim is so creamy and good.  And the ice cream!  Don't get me started.  I hadn't been to their original ice cream parlor since I was a young girl.  So Mom and I set out on a mission and found it.  I had a Buster Brown sundae which is chocolate on chocolate with some peanuts.

If you ever find yourself in Norwalk, Ohio....I demand you go to Vargo's.  It is a local ice cream/eatery that has been around forever.  Better than any Dairy Queen.  This isn't the best picture but here is a peanut butter/chocolate parfait.  I also enjoy their fried bologna sandwiches and fried cauliflower.  Their menu is huge!!!  You can get anything you want.

I was sad to leave my family, but ready to get home to my kit-kats.  They do so good by themselves when I travel.  Couldn't ask for 2 better cats. 

The sunset on my drive home.

Hope you had a wonderful long weekend!


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