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What I'm Watchin Wednesday: Big Brother 16

One of my guilty pleasures each summer is watching Big Brother.  I have watched all 16 seasons.  Okay I just aged myself!  Anyway I am so addicted.  I just discovered Big Brother After Dark on TVGN. 2-3 hours a night of watching the house guests do nothing?!  Now that is good TV.....hehe.

So if you aren't familiar with Big Brother let me give you a brief recap.  16 strangers enter a house equipped with lots of camera and microphones to film their every move 24/7.  Every week the house guests compete in several challenges.  The first is the HOH (head of household).  As HOH they nominate 2 people for eviction.  The second competition is the POV (power of veto).  In a POV competition, the HOH, 2 nominees, 3 random drawn house guests compete.  Whoever wins the POV then has the power to remove one of the nominees.  On Thursday they do a live show and house guests vote to evict one of the nominees.  Big Brother's motto is, "Expect the unexpected."  And yes there are a lot of twists in the game.

Big Brother living room
At the beginning of the season I always dislike everyone on there.  It always seems like everyone is young, beautiful, in great shape, and single.  Reminds me of MTV's Real World.  About mid-season I get into it more.  By the end I can't wait to find out who wins.  I have a love/hate relationship with Big Brother.  My Mom stopped watching the show many moons ago for these very reasons.

Back L-R:  Devin, Donny, Frankie, Cody.  Front L-R:  Amber, Nicole, Paola, Joey

Back L-R:  Zach, Hayden, Caleb, Derrick.  Front L-R:  Jocasta, Victoria, Christine, Brittany
If you are not a Big Brother fan then I'm sure this blog post is boring.  If not I would love to hear what you think so far.  Here is what I think of the remaining 8 house guests.

Caleb:  Beast Mode Cowboy!  Goodness he is probably one of my favorites.  Not hard on the eyes either.  I think he may have a chance to make it to the final 3.  If he keeps his mouth shut.
Cody:  Also not hard on the eyes.  I think he is the biggest flirt in the house.  I do like Cody but haven't seen a lot of game playing from him.  He is a strong competitor in the competitions.  Everyone loves him.
Derrick:  I really like Derrick.  He acts like a respectable family man and cop.  He has played a really good game.  I would like to see him win and really think he has a chance.  He has befriended everyone in the house and he needs to be careful what he tells them.
Donny:  When I first saw Donny, I thought he would be gone week one.  I was wrong.  Donny is a huge Big Brother fan and he knows how to play this game.  He is a very likable guy.  I wish he would shave the beard just once! People don't give him enough credit.  He is well aware of what is going on in the house.
Frankie:  Some days I like Frankie.  Some days I find him so annoying.  I think he made a bad move last week in getting his BFF Zach evicted.  He is a little full of himself at times but has played a great game.  I think he does have a chance to making it to the end. He's burned a lot of bridges so I'm not sure he will win.
Christine:  Where do I begin?  She betrayed her BFF Nicole and threw her under the bus.  She threw Donny under the bus.  She plays all sides of the house and lies, lies, lies.  She is MARRIED and flirts with Cody terribly.  I sit there with my mouth on the floor as she plays with Cody's hair or rubs his back, arm, hand, or leg.  I'm just absolutely shocked at how she acts.  I have no respect for her.  She needs to go.
Victoria:  First off.  She needs to either brush her hair, get rid of the extensions, or put it in a ponytail.  It always looks like a hot mess.  And is she even playing the game?  What exactly does she do?  All I've seen her do is sleep, stare at people, and eat.  I never see her talk to anyone.
Nicole:  I really wanted Zach to win the chance to come back in the house.  But I'm not disappointed Nicole returned.  At first I thought she was pretty naive but she tried to get Frankie out.  It cost her getting voted out but I respect her for trying to make a big move.  I don't think she will make it to the end since she is a 'return' house guest.  But I would love to see a female make it to the end!!!!

Fun facts I've found by watching Big Brother After Dark:
-The house guests eat break and bake cookies every single night.  (This could be why some look a little plumper and have lost their six packs.)
-They tend to snack more than sit down and eat a meal.  They eat very random things.
-They play a lot of pool.
-I rarely see them use their pool/hot tub.
-I haven't seen anyone work out.  (Usually there are several that really get into it.)
-They don't have a dishwasher.
-They sleep at the most random times and stay up all night.
-They can't sing.  Not that they don't have good voices but production won't let them.  Something about copyrights.
-They really have NO clue what is going on in the outside world.
-Nicole returning from the jury house has given the house guests some insight on how things work.  The jury house is a gorgeous mansion where they stay with their 'handlers' after being evicted.  They are allowed to order in and watch movies.  Of course still no communication with the outside world.
-They get a weekly stipend.  They are allowed to make special requests for food, toiletries, medicine, etc.
-Production is watching them at all times.  (I saw one crew member's reflection in a window last night.  He was watching them cook.  Freaked me out!)
-If they do something wrong, a voice comes over the loudspeaker reprimanding them.  "Victoria please clean the bathroom."  "Frankie please stop singing."  "Christine please stop talking about production."  That would be super annoying to hear all day/night.

I would love to be on Big Brother.  In my younger days I even thought about applying.  I would need to get in better physical shape. I could sit around all day talking about others and come up with ways to get people evicted.  Ummmm no problem!  In my free time I could tan, swim, and sleep.  Sounds perfect to me.  I'm not sure though I could go 3 months without talking to my family or using the Internet.  And sharing one toilet for all those people.......ummmm ewwww!

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