Thursday, August 14, 2014


Yesterday I shared about my experience at the Indiana State Fair in 2011.  When the concert stage collapsed right before my eyes.  Well today I want to share something a little bit happier.

Over 12,000 people had gathered that day in August for a Sugarland concert.  Sugarland being the wonderful country duo they are, didn't want to let their fans down.  So on October 28, 2011, Sugarland held a free concert in Indy.  Tickets were offered first to those who were at the first concert.  After that it was open to everyone.  Jenn and I went and had pretty great seats.  On the floor several rows back.  It was a wonderful evening.  I feel like a lot of healing went on that night for all of us.  Kristian and Jennifer did not disappoint.

Here are some of my pictures from that night.  They are a little blurry (before the days of my i-Phone).  Sugarland will always be one of my favorite duos.  They took care of their fans and paid tribute to those lives lost.

The stage was very simple that night.  Just a curtain as a backdrop.
Jennifer and Kristian of Sugarland talking about that night.


Jennifer Nettles on the big screen.


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