Friday, August 8, 2014

High Five for Friday

Hello!  TGIF!  I can't believe it is August and the kids are heading back to school here in Indiana.  My how the summer has flown by.  I would say I was looking forward to the cooler weather but that would be a lie.  It has been such a mild summer.  No complaining from the girl who is always HOT!  ALWAYS!  Here are some highlights from my week.

1.  My Mom came over from Ohio last weekend.  It is always nice when she comes to visit.  Mainly because we always eat really good!  LOL.  Her main reason for coming was to go to the Indiana State Fair.  We attended the free concert from Nashville stars Charles Esten (Deacon) and Clare Bowen (Scarlett).

There is Clare in the pink/red.
Charles.  He was dreamy even from far away.
The announcers told us some people had been there since 12:30pm saving their seats.  (Concert was at 7:30pm)  Mom and I arrived around 7:15pm.  We stood over to one side for the first couple of songs.  Eventually people started to leave and we found an empty picnic table.  We could see everything and were nice and comfortable.  It was fun to listen to the music and people watch.  Just the perfect evening all the way around!

2.  Let me get to the important part of the State Fair.  THE FOOD!!!!!!!!!  I kind of made a plan of attack using the app for the State Fair on my phone.  We got everything we wanted and then some.  The smartest thing we did was share everything.  That way we didn't get too full and got to taste everything.  (Not shown in pictures were some cinnamon roasted pecans and a peach cider slushie.)

They have deep fried everything at the fair.

Deep fried Twinkie.  It wasn't as good as we thought it would be.  That didn't stop us though!

Indiana Ribeye Sandwich

Lemon Shake up.  My absolute favorite! 

Fried vegetables.  We were disappointed with these.  They mostly gave us pickles which I hate and Mom isn't a huge fan of.

It's tradition.  I must always get a corn dog.
If I had it to do all over again I would start at the original Indiana Ribeye tent, fried cheese curds by the Midway rides, a lemon shake up, and maybe ice cream or a funnel cake for dessert.  What do you like from the fair?

3.   For brunch on Sunday we went to Good Morning Mamas.  I had blueberry pancakes, eggs, and all the fixins.  Mom had a breakfast bowl.  We shared some grits.  Oh and I had a mimosa!  They have a wide variety menu and are always very busy on the weekend.  The restaurant is painted in really bright colors and they use Fiesta ware.  Kind of has a southern Florida/50's theme to it.  We got to sit at the 'lunch' counter and really enjoyed the whole experience.

4.  I know I have mentioned the Locally Grown Gardens in SoBro before.  It is a permanent farmer's market open year round.  They have a limited menu and the best pies ever.  After our brunch, Mom and I got some sugar cream pie to go.  We also picked up some fingerling potatoes, tomatoes, and peaches.

All different kinds of tomatoes
All kinds of wonderful in season produce.
The last of my peaches.  Oh they were sooooo good!  Time for more!

5.  QVC retweeted me!  It is kind of a big deal in the blogging/social media world.  Since you are always trying to get your blog out there.  They have 106K followers.  Which means all 106K people would have seen the retweet.

I am going to write a blog in the upcoming months about QVC.  All I can say is they have AMAZING customer service and wonderful products.

That is my week in a nutshell.  My Mom reminded me of a funny story while she was visiting.  When I was younger I wrote a 'book' and it was all about this family and what they ate.  She said kind of like your blog!!!  Well she is right.  I do write a lot about what I eat.  Because isn't that what life is about?!  I guess that would put in the category of a food blogger.  Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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