Friday, August 22, 2014

High Five for Friday

Hey, hey, hey!  Thanks for stopping by.  High five for Friday is where I tell you 5 highlights from my week.  This week seemed to go pretty fast for me.  Can you believe September is right around the corner?!  Craziness!!!!

1.  Have you been nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge?  My lovely, younger, annoying, brother nominated me.  I mean, really?!!!!  C'mon now.  I'm old!  My heart just can't handle this.......LOL I'm kidding.  If you want to see my video just go Wednesday's blog post.  I went all out.  I thought if I'm doing this, I'm using a lot of ice.  I saved up from my freezer for a whole day.  The problem was I live on the 11th floor of a 11 floor apartment building in downtown Indianapolis.  I don't exactly have access to outdoor space.  Luckily my friend DeeDee and her husband Russ helped me.  (DeeDee said she would help if I promised not to nominate her.  How did she know??)  It was a fun Tuesday night of ice water dumping, SkipBo playing, and watching a summer storm roll in.  Thanks to DeeDee for filming and Russ for dumping the bucket on my head.  I was too chicken to do it on my own.

I told you I used a lot of ice.
Me and my cooler full of ice
Russ said he poured it nice and slow.  Uh huh!!
The aftermath
I'm sad to report 2 of my nominees failed to do the challenge.  Kind of a bummer.  But my friend Elizabeth (who I nominated) was already doing her challenge basically at the exact same time I did mine.  Great minds think alike!

2.  I'm not really sure how I can top the ice bucket challenge.  That was my MAJOR accomplishment for the week.  He-he!  Lately I have been trying to get out of my comfort zone and go new places.  This is hard for someone who is stuck in her ways and feels comfortable just going to the same places.  But I was determined to get some fresh produce.  For me the stuff in the stores just doesn't cut it.  It isn't easy to find a farmer's market in the city but I hit the jackpot at the Famous Tomato.  They had lots and lots of goodies to choose from.  Even have a salad bar.  I picked up some tomatoes, red potatoes, green beans, peanuts, and a fancy cola in a bottle.  Dinner that night was a tomato and some cottage cheese.  One of my favorite things in the world.  Nothing better than a fresh Indiana tomato.  Check out the Famous Tomato here.

3.  Being single is tough sometimes.  Especially when it is time to eat.  It is so easy to just pick something up on the way home but that can get expensive.  And when you cook you have tons of leftovers.  Which is nice for the first couple of days and then it gets old.  I need to create a singles grocery store.  Where you can buy a half of loaf of bread (mine goes stale before I even get half way through) or a small amount of meat (I end up freezing most of mine.)  But when I cook I go all out.  I do enjoy doing it.  Baking is my favorite.  Here are some recent eats.  (Yes Mom more food pictures.)

Tomato Mozzarella plate.  Excuse my cheap apt countertops
Blueberry pancakes

Green beans and potatoes paired nicely with some ham.
 4.  I have a confession.  I'm addicted to nail polish.  No really.  I have to look at them every time I go to the store.  It really is my guilty pleasure.  I don't know why but I've always been this way.  My Mom had a nice collection to choose from growing up.  Sadly I took that over and she was left with nothing.  She had to start a new collection once I left for school.  Still to this day she tries to hide it from me.  I don't understand why?  (Joke is on her.  I know where it is hidden!!!)

My entire collection.  I even got rid of some before taking this picture.

My absolute favorite polish in the whole world.  Essie!!!!  I love, love, love this stuff.

5.  And now a cute cat picture.  Because I have one cat sitting on my chest and one on the arm of my chair as I type this blog.  It isn't easy balancing a laptop and 2 cats.  Guess it is time to wrap this up.  Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!!!

Sabrina and Callie
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