Friday, August 15, 2014

High Five for Friday

Hey there!  Thanks for stopping by.  I did it!  I wrote 5 blog posts this week.  And I'm tired........LOL.  I loved every minute of it.  Hopefully I am getting better and better at this.  I feel like I am!  (I've improved on my run-on least I think I have.........maybe not........Mom have I?........Ha-Ha)  Here are my highlights from the week.

1.  I know you missed me posting pictures of my nieces.  Gammy got to babysit them last weekend and sent me lots of fun pictures.  I even got to Facetime.  They are just the cutest!

HMMM...I don't think she has enough toys.....hehehe
Bee Bum
She is sitting up now on her own and doing an 'army' crawl.  Getting too big!
All dressed up!

Sophia the Wizard.  She looks so happy to have her pic taken!

2.  My cousin Dave shared this picture of my great grandparents on Facebook.  They would have celebrated their 100th wedding anniversary this week.  WOW!  They went by E.O. (Edward Oliver) and Mamie (Mildred Josephine).  Dave is the historian of the family and I love all his pictures and stories.  I really enjoy learning about my family before me.

E.O. and Mamie
3.  So I went and did it again.  I went to the Indiana State Fair on Tuesday.  It was $2 Tuesday.  $2 to get in and $2 food specials.  Let me tell you, what a great day!!!  Here are some of the highlights from my trip.

Roasted corn on the cob.  (I ended up with most of it on my shirt.)  There is more than corn in Indiana.....

The 'fried' everything booth.
Fried Oreos for just $2

I didn't eat here but wanted you to see the doughnut burger.  Or how about a burger with ice cream?

The Midway

I finally found the plaque for the State Fair victims.

4.  Friday night I stepped out of my comfort zone.  I went out with some girls to 8 Seconds Saloon.  It is a local country bar.  (It reminds me of The Neon Cactus at Purdue.)  They had a battle of the bands competition going on so it was packed.  I had a really fun time helping one of the girls celebrate her 40th birthday.  The music was great and nice to get out of my apt.  (I'm such a homebody.)

Me and DeeDee

Birthday girl Diana and her sister DeeDee


Ending on a serious note this week. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, please reach out for help. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Chances are you know someone who has dealt with it. Life is always worth living. Getting off my soap box now.

Have a beautiful weekend!!!!  XOXO

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