Monday, August 4, 2014

Curly Hair Don't Care

I have curly hair.  I know what you are thinking.  Oh you are so lucky!  Do you know what I would give to be able to just wake up in the morning, dry my hair, and it would be perfectly straight, ready to go?!  How easy you straight hair gals have it!!!  (I'm totally kidding but I am jealous.)

When I was 30, I finally decided to lose the battle of trying to make myself have straight hair.  (My expensive Chi straightener is just collecting dust in my closet now.)  I gave into the curl and well the rest is history.  (I also discovered eyeliner around this time, too.  Game changer but that is for another day.)  Here is a little trip down hair memory lane for me.  If you make it through these, I will tell you how I tame this crazy mop of frizz.
1980.  Baby Megan

1986.  Andy and I had the same haircut for several years.  Obviously he wore it best.
1990.  Perm hair don't care.  I use to just get my bangs permed.  OMG!

1995.  You can see the natural wave starting to take over my hair in the front.  I couldn't leave the house until my bangs were perrrrrrfect.  I'm not kidding.  Just ask my Mom how I would carry on.

1997.  Now this was a good hair day.  Minus my short, short bangs...............

2005.  I got my hair braided in Jamaica.  I told the lady I just wanted the top done but she insisted on doing my whole head.  It lasted a week and a half.
2007.  This was after I cut 4 inches off.  I'm feeling the need to do that again.
2010.  In Gulf Shores on the beach.  My hair gets really, really curly on the beach.  I don't even need any product!
Remember the Friends episode where they were in Barbados and Monica's hair went crazy.  That is me!

Monica and I could be twins!  Great minds think alike!

2010.  After straightening it for over 45 minutes.  It lasted maybe an hour before the wavy hair started.

2010.  Holding Baby K#1.  It was a rainy day out and as you can tell the wave started in the front.  I give up!

2013.  Holding Baby K#2.  Finally I just learned to wear it curly.
Yup that is about how I look when I wake up.
I wanted to share with you how I do my hair.  My routine is pretty simple.  I've finally mastered the how to keep my hair looking good all day.  (If you have super straight hair I'm not sure this routine will work.  You need to have that natural wave.)

I have used this combo for some time now and it really works for me.  Mousse is better than gel.  Otherwise your hair become really hard and crunchy.
I wash my hair everyday.  I know that isn't the best for it but it just makes me feel cleaner and my hair gets kind of greasy on the top.  After showering, I brush my hair out and make a part.  I let it dry a little in the towel while I'm getting ready.  I start to 'scrunch' up my hair with a dry washcloth.  (I know that sounds weird but it really works!)  First I put in Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave-In Conditioning Creme (about the size of a nickel).  I mainly put it on the bottom half of my hair, scrunching as I go.  This helps cut down on the frizz.  Next I use some Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse.  I use a good handful of this throughout my hair continuing to scrunch.

 After applying product, I continue to 'scrunch' it up with the washcloth.  I spray some hairspray in it and start the drying process with the diffuser.  With the hair dryer on low air setting and high heat, I begin to diffuse.  I don't diffuse it too long as my hair dries pretty fast.  The diffuser adds some volume and set the curl into place.

My diffuser is probably 10 or more years old.  It is cracked from putting it on different hair dryers but it still works.  I've looked for a new one but I just can't find one I like.
After drying I finish with some more hairspray.  I always use an extra hold/maximum strength hairspray.  I scrunch it up one last time after applying the hairspray.  Right now I am using a TRESemme hairspray.  I don't like the spray cap very much on it.  It gets all over my fingers.  I typically buy Herbal Essences hair spray because it works great and smells even better.  But when I went to buy it last time, Target didn't have any.  I won't make that mistake again!

I typically pull back what would be my 'bangs' in a twist or a braid of some sort.  I can't stand to have hair hanging down in my face.  I secure it with a bobby pin.  Do you know the proper way to use a bobby pin so it doesn't stand up on your head?  Put it in short side down, long side up.  You can go in at any angle and I am telling you it will not move all day!

The nice thing about curly hair is if you need a quick fix, all you need is water.  If it is looking a little dull and needs a refresher, I just wet my hands with some water, and scrunch it up.  Gives it a little refresh.

Are you a curly hair girl?  I would love to hear your beauty routine!

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