Friday, July 18, 2014

High Five for Friday

I'm linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday.

 1.  This past weekend I headed home to Norwalk, Ohio for my brother's 32nd birthday.  We are 2.5 years apart.  Growing up his birthday was always the highlight of the summer for me.  Since my birthday is December 29, his birthday was always more fun to celebrate.  Pool parties, putt-putt, sleepovers, family trips.  Just all kinds of fun activities you can't do in the winter.   As a tribute to Andy, I decided to scan some old pictures from his birthday over the years.  (He's going to kill me.)

Andy and his best friend Kyle growing up.  Maybe 3-4??

Young master Andrew (as Dad called him) opening a gift

7th birthday???

Birthday number 8

This birthday we had to wear sweatshirts in July

Such a cutie!  Must have been Saturday steak night.

Andy was a simple kid.  Ice cream for his birthday was good enough for him!
Andy and Kyle
Number 9
Please check out my perm and SUPER awesome glasses
Wearing an Indiana shirt here!
I think this is number 10 when we were in Colorado.  Again my awesome permed hair.

Could I say Andy was a pesky little brother and we fought all the time?  Nah that wasn't us.  We were built in playmates/friends for each other.  Pretty good kids if you ask me.  We shared a lot over the years including chicken pox, moving a lot, and growing up with awesome parents.  Not only do we look A LOT alike but we shared the same childhood.  (I forget that sometimes.)  I love hearing his version of our memories.  I'm sure it was hard growing up with a sister like me.  I stole the spotlight, did the masterminding, and of course ALL the bossing.  But I paved the way for him.  He got off easy being #2 in line.  

The sweetest memory I have is when we were probably 10 and 12.  I was deathly afraid of someone breaking into our house in Terre Haute as we slept.  (My room was the first one at the top of the stairs.)  Andy spent an entire summer sleeping on a trundle bed in my room.  He protected me and made me feel safe.  First class gentleman!

2.  I also went home to attend a graduation party for a young lady I use to babysit for.  Mind you I've known her since the day she was born.  Man oh man when did I get old?  My pictures are lacking from this trip but here are some random ones.

Nap time on the way to Gammy and Granpy's.  Please note she is holding her Frozen dolls and Frozen earrings as she sleeps.
Super Moon
'Writing is so hard!  I'll never get it!'  As she dramatically falls over.  4 going on 14!
That's me!
This is from Berry's Restaurant in Norwalk.  When you order water they call it a Lake Cocktail.  I don't know if this is funny or gross.
Me and Mom on our way to the graduation party.  She looks mad.  I'm going to blame Dad for that one!
Mom got some cokes with our names on them!
3.  Norwalk has a reservoir on the south side of town.  It has playgrounds, shelter areas, Frisbee golf, fishing, walking paths, and just tons of space to explore.  I thought K#1 needed to burn some energy off so Mom and I took her to the playground areas.  We had a blast swinging, going down slides, climbing, and exploring the mud on the 'beach' area.  It was a beautiful day!

Same swing about 2 years apart.  I mean I can't even stand it!!!

4.  Andy chose Melt Bar and Grill for his birthday brunch.  I had never heard of it before.  It was totally not what I expected at all.  It was indeed a bar (umm duh Megan).  Kind of reminded me of Harry's Chocolate Shop at Purdue.  But the Melt has way better food.  Basically fancy grill cheese sandwiches.  I ordered biscuits and gravy with egg.  And this is what I got.
Totally not what I expected at all!  A sandwich?!  It even had a biscuit.  It was delicious!  Mom and Andy had the crab cakes, Stacey and K#1 a turkey and gouda, Dad the BBQ.  All in grill cheese sandwich form.  I highly recommend the Melt if you are in the Lakewood/Cleveland Ohio area.

5.  Kitties, kitties, kitties.  One morning I rolled over, not knowing they were beside me and saw this.  Also a yawn in action.  Snuggle bunnies.  Sabrina may have been a mean kitty in her day on the farm but she secretly loves her sissy Callie.

Happy Friday!!!!  Have a fabulous weekend!!!  I think I might just lay by the pool.  Or take a nap in the AC....................


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