Friday, July 4, 2014

All American Girl

Happy 4th of July!!!  I couldn't think of a high five for Friday today, so I just thought I would share some old pictures.  They seem to be a favorite for my readers.  So please enjoy the 'All American Girl' pictures.  Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Baby Meggie

I think 1982-83
Taking the train in Colorado from Durango to Silverton.  Early '90's.

1996 my sophomore year.  Pre-braces.

1997.  Me and Deacon
Me and my birthday twin, Dawn.  We are 18!!!  12-29-97

Me and my future sister in law, Stacey.  At our swim banquet 1998.  Love our bangs, Stacey!!!
Last day of high school with Heather.  In the choir room.  1998
High school graduation 1998.  Grandma, Dad, me, Mom, and Grammy
Grammy on her birthday.  Cousin Sarah, me, Grams, Andy.  1999.

Graduation from Purdue.  2003.  Dad, me, Mom, Andy
Carnival Cruise 'Holiday' with my 2 besties.  January 2004.  Lee, me, and Ryan

Andy and Stacey's wedding 2005
My second family
Dad's retirement 2009
Gulf Shores with the twins 2010
K#1 2010
K#2 2013
K#2 baptism


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