Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I'm Watchin Wednesday

Have you watched Orange is the New Black?  I demand you get yourself a Netflix account and watch the first season.  I know you have 13 hours to spare.  You will thank me later. In fact I just rewatched the first season the last couple of days.  I wanted to make sure I could write a proper blog post about it.  And to get a refresher before season 2.  Whatever I have to do for the blog!

Orange is the New Black (OITNB) is based on a memoir by Piper Kerman.  The thing is she did really go to prison for a crime she committed 10 years prior.  She was an accomplice in a drug ring and carried some money for her then girlfriend (Alex).  10 years after the alleged crime, Piper is living the perfect life, engaged to a wonderful man, and starting her own company.  Her dreams are shattered when she finds out she has to go to prison for a year.  That is where OITNB begins.  The show is a little far fetched compared to the book.  A lot of the things that happen on the show did not happen in the book.  But the book gives the basics for the show.

Why do I love this show?  For some many reasons I just can't possibly begin to tell you them all.  It just really proves to me more and more how crazy our justice system is and how many innocent people are in 'the system'.  The characters have some pretty amazing stories.  Piper is so innocent when she enters prison but by the end of season one she is a bit of a hard ass.  Putting that many woman together creates some dramatic situations. 

I demand you sign yourself up for a Netflix account and start watching OITNB.  If you don't have a Netflix account just steal your BFFs.  That is what I ya Lee!  If you wonder what I will be doing this weekend, I will be binge watching season two.  Cannot wait!


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