Monday, June 30, 2014

Taking Stock

Because every blog should start out with some amazing pictures.............

Wishing I was here at Half Moon Resort Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Best vacation ever with my Mom.
I want to get married here.  Any takers?  He-He!

I read Kate's post from a Small Things Blog and thought I would join in on the fun.  Let you know a little about my life today, in the heat of the moment.  

Making :  This week I made these cheddar bacon ranch pinwheels for my lunch.  I love when I cook ahead and don't have to think about what is for lunch.  I hate lunch.
Cooking :  Last night I made homemade chicken pot pie.  Lots of leftovers!
Drinking :  La Croix passionfruit sparkling water.  My Mom is addicted to La Croix and shared some with me.
Reading:  Most Talkative by Andy Cohen
Wanting:  A nap.  I love to sleep.  That is why this blog has a double meaning!  Naptown=Indianapolis Napping=my favorite hobby
Looking:  At the skyline of Indy. 
Playing:  My radio.  Country Hank FM 97.1 in Indy.
Wasting:  Time.  Aren't we always?
Sewing:  hahahaha.  If only I knew how to.  I can sew a button on and fix a hole in clothes.  That is about it.
Wishing:  I was laying on a beach somewhere or floating in the pool.
Enjoying:  A pretty quiet day.  
Waiting:  On Lee to finish Fault in Our Stars.
Liking:  The veggie chips I had with lunch.  I'm obsessed.  You need to try. 
Wondering:  Do I need a haircut?  Should I keep it long or cut short?  Should I color it?
Loving:  How much fun I had with my nieces this past weekend.
Hoping:  To have a nice 4th of July. 
Marveling:  That I think I brought my bamboo plant back from the dead.  I have such a black thumb.  I think I saved it!
Needing:  To get groceries.  I HATE grocery shopping.
Smelling:  Nothing really.  A little bit of my Philosophy Amazing Grace lotion.
Wearing:  Comfy clothes. 
Following:  Some new bloggers.  Trying to network more.
Noticing:  The 4th of July is next week!
Knowing:  I've got to go to the grocery store.  BLAH!
Thinking:  Where am I going in my life? 
Feeling:  Content and mellow.
Opening:  Emails.
Giggling:  At the new movie Tammy with Melissa McCarthy.  It looks so dumb but so very funny.  Hoping to see it next weekend.

(I wrote this post Friday but I'm posting on Monday.)


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