Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Bucket List

I'm linking up with one of my fellow Indiana bloggers Living in Yellow today.  What's your bucket list this summer?

1.  Be outside as much as I can.
Good ole Indiana countryside.

2.  Swim, Swim, Swim.
I will check out the new pool at my apartment complex this year.  (Not shown)

3.  Get a nice tan.
I need to be this tan again.

4.  Eat lots of fresh vegetables.

5.  Go to a Farmer's Market.

6.  Jump off the dock at this pond.
I want to swim in this pond.  I've been saying this for years now.  I mean it this year!

7. Go to the Indiana State Fair.
Lee are you in for foot long corndogs this year?

8.  Enjoy outside dining at all the local restaurants in Indy.

9.  Find a new place to live with outdoor space.
Love my view but I need outdoor space.

10.  Sand and stain my Mom's outside side table.

11.  Start eating healthier.

12.  Go camping.
Mandatory Campfire.  Me and the CPAP machine will sleep inside.

13.  Go to the Indianapolis Zoo with my nieces.
Me and K#1 at the Indianapolis Zoo in 2011.

14.  Take my nieces on a real picnic at a park.
K#1 and I swinging at the park a couple years ago.
15.  Buy a slip n slide for my niece Kylie.  Proceed to ruin my Dad's backyard.
I had one of these at my Gram's house.  LOVED IT.

16.  Help Lee clean out his flower beds and get rid of his poison ivy vines.  (He's allergic.)

17.  Learn to cook on the grill.
So I can cook yummy kabobs like Tina.

18.  Drive with the windows down.
Go Go Kia!

19.  Go to the Strawberry Festival.
This is happening June 12 on the circle.  Co-workers we are going!!!

20.  Have D and P stay with me for a weekend.
Love these goof balls.


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