Friday, June 13, 2014

High Five for Friday

I'm linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday.

1.  OITNB.  Well I made it through the first 12 episodes.  (One more to go!)  Don't worry I didn't watch them all at once.  Although I was very, very tempted.  Lee and I had a viewing party last Friday night.  (By party I mean me, Lee, and Dipstick.  That is all we need to have a good time!)  We got food from Maxine's Chicken and Waffles.  It was super yummy!
Chicken, catfish, fried green tomatoes, grits, fried cornbread.  (Not shown waffle.)  We stuffed ourselves.
Lee and I watched 6 episodes on Friday night.  Only stayed up until 1am.  That wasn't too bad.  The next day we watched 2 and on Sunday I watched 4 episodes by myself.  I kind of spread it out over the weekend.  We are going to have a finale watching party together hopefully soon.  I promised Lee I wouldn't watch the last one without him.  Since he kindly shares Netflix with me, he would know if I did.  I've been good so far!
Season 2

 2.  As if we didn't have enough to eat that night, we had to have a frozen yogurt break.  It is kind of the new craze in our lives.  Not that it hasn't been around forever.  (Remember TCBY?)  Yogulatte is not too far away from where Lee lives.  The staff at the Yogulatte in SoBro are so nice and friendly.

Cake batter mixed with Red Velvet.  Marshmallow topping and oreos.  I always get the same toppings. 
3.  As I have mentioned before I am on the hunt for a new place to live.  (My lease is up next April.)  One reason is because I want to be able to have a nice outdoor space.  For now I have to grill my steak inside on my George Foreman grill.  I wish you could have smelled this!  Just call me Bill (my Dad).  He has to have his steak dinner every Saturday night.

I had lots of good leftovers!
4.  Thursday was the annual Strawberry Festival on the circle in Indianapolis.  My co-worker and I went.  It is not too far from where we work.  The pictures are courtesy of DD because I did not have my act together.  There is nothing better than a Strawberry Festival.  For $7 you can get a biscuit, ice cream, strawberries, and whip cream.  HEAVEN!

Me waiting in line.  It was a beautiful day out!

The monument.  There were a lot of people but everything moved right along.  The volunteers working the event were so sweet.

I was prepared with a cooler in my car.  Brought some back for our co-workers.

This was DD's.  I dropped mine on the ground (just call me Grace!) and it didn't look so pretty.  Luckily the lid didn't pop open.
5.  If you follow me on social media, you know that I won a major award!!!  (Name that movie.  Give up?  A Christmas Story.)  I am a faithful reader of Living in Yellow Blog.  She had a fellow blogger hosting a giveaway and I won!  Thank you Lindsay!

It is like she knew I loved pink.  Beach towel, beach bag, sunscreen, lip balm, and delicious Malibu pineapple drink.

 Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Thank you for reading!!!


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