Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Father's Day!!

Dad grew up in a very, very, very small town in southern Indiana called New Harmony.  He only had a little over 20 people in his high school class.  As you can imagine, growing up in a small town he got into a little mischief along the way.  I would love to share some of the stories but he would get so mad at me!  My poor Grandma.  She had her hands full with him!

Aunt Nancy and Dad at his 50 year high school reunion in 2011.
Dad graduated from University of Evansville with a degree in history.  He had every intention of going to law school.  But he joined the army and served his country instead.  He began a career in banking not long after he returned.  That is where he stayed for over 40 years.  He basically started at the bottom and worked his way right up.  He had a very successful career and something to be proud of.

Dad's retirement party 2009
Dad served in Vietnam.  He doesn't like to talk about it.  We as a country were not very supportive of the war back then.  It breaks my heart thinking about what he had to go through.  I wish I could take the hurt away that he feels over it.  I am so very proud of him for serving his country.    It forever changed who he is.  It is just one of the many reasons I love my Dad.

Staff Sergeant
Dad has always been very athletic.  He always excelled at sports.  Basketball, baseball, golf, biking.  (I'm sure I am forgetting something.)  He even was asked to try out for the minors in baseball.

Dad at the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame
The smartest thing Dad ever did in his life was marry my Mom.  They have been married for 43 years.  My poor Mom.  If she only knew what she was getting into with him!

Mom and Dad in Spain in the 70's.
I love him beyond words.  He gave our family the most amazing life.  We never wanted for anything and we always had the best of everything.  He worked very hard supporting us.  There were definitely some low times along the way but my Dad just kept his head up and powered through.  Family is very important to him.

On a train ride in Colorado.  (Early 1990's)
I love my relationship with my Dad now.  We talk almost everyday.  I am mad at him 98% of the time.  We are a lot alike.  That is why we fuss and fight (although we are better at this now that we are BOTH medicated he-he!).  But no matter what I do, he loves me unconditionally.  That is a fact.

Christmas 2011

His newest role is Grandpa.  His graddaughters can do no wrong in his eyes.  Kylie adores him and I love it when she makes him laugh.  She is always worrying about Grandpa and what is Grandpa doing in the garage.  (When we figure it out, we will let her know.)

Holding K#2.  Christmas 2013
Getting a check up from Doc McStuffins....aka K#1

Retirement seems to suit my Dad.  Now he spends his days on the golf course, doing lots of yard work, and taking care of the dogs.  During the winter he watches westerns and goes to the gym a lot.  For his age he is in pretty good shape.  Now if we could just get him to cook dinner every night.

Dad and Annie.  For some reason she loves grumpy, old men.  They kind of look alike, too!
If you are ever in Norwalk, be sure to stop by my Dad's garage for a martini and cigar.  You can talk golf, CNN, dogs, westerns (especially Gunsmoke), and yard work.  Just keep your hands off his tools.

Dad hanging out in his domain.  The garage.


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