Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Crazy cat lady

Some days I ponder life's great mysteries.  Like how did I become a crazy cat lady?  Why do I have 2 cats living in my apartment at this moment?  Is three cats too many?  I don't even like cats.  What is wrong with me?

Before you go and think oh man this girl really lost it, let me give you a little background.  I grew up with dogs.  From day one.  My parents have had 8 cocker spaniels during their 43 years together.  No one in my immediate family is really a fan of cats.  My Grandma Carr was deathly afraid of them.  I never even remember being around cats when I was young.  So the fact that I have 2........blows my mind.  Let me tell you about my baby girls and you can be the judge if I'm a crazy cat lady.

Sabrina.  Sabrina, Sabrina, Sabrina.  Where do I begin.  Sabrina hails from a long line of barn cats from southern Indiana.  (From Lee's family home.)  Sabrina is a black cat and by far the meanest one of her litter.  She would hiss and fight anything that got in her way.  She once got caught up in Bob and Jeanette's van.  She took a little ride to their house without anyone knowing.  Bob was trying to get her out and she fought him and ran up a tree.  She was promptly returned home.  Ryan decided to take her brother Fritz who was a very sweet kitty.  I can't remember all the kitties in their litter but there was a really sweet one named Stella, I think?  Everyone tried to convince me to take her.  But I wanted a black cat and I was going to name her Sabrina after Sabrina the Teenage Witch.  They tried to talk me out of it but I said no I want Sabrina.  She came home with me after Lee finally caught her.  She was NOT happy to be in a cat carrier.  When I got to my apartment she hid between my kitchen cabinets and wouldn't come out.  I cried.  Finally Lee and I got her out and I locked her in my bedroom.  That way she wasn't so overwhelmed by where she was and could hide under my bed.  I was worried she wouldn't use the litter box but she figured it out.  For about the first week Sabrina hid under my bed.  We bonded when I got her to come out from under the bed and eat food out of my hand.  And well the rest is history.
Sabrina hiding under my bed

I got her to come out!  And my hand makes a great toy.
Sabrina really truly only likes me.  She isn't afraid of company when they come to visit.  She just doesn't approach you until she is ready.  S will drive me crazy in the morning until I give her cat treats.  Carries on meowing until I give her some.  I make her wait until I leave.  S likes to cuddle in the evenings while I'm watching TV.  She loves a good laser light as well.  Hates the vacuum.  Loves cereal milk and chips.  (Small, small amounts.)  Sabrina always has an eye on me.  I mean always!!!  I haven't gone to the bathroom alone in 6 years!
I quickly learned she ruled the apt. and I just lived there.
My second love is Baby Kitty, I mean Callie.  Callie is the complete opposite of Sabrina.  She does not have cattitude at all.  She is so loving and cuddly.  She showed up at my parent's house about 5 years ago and was taunting the dogs from a tree near their house.  My Dad tried to take her to the field by their house but she just followed him right back to the garage.  She would sleep in my Dad's shoe shine box under his work bench.  He would pet her and she would rub up against his legs.  She was just the sweetest thing.  Mom tried to find her a good home.  But everyone has a cat they are trying to get rid of.  I agreed to take her in.  I knew Sabrina would hate me.  Maybe kill me in my sleep.  But Mom brought Callie anyway.  What a total opposite reaction she had to her new home compared to Sabrina!  Callie started playing with the cat toys and exploring the apartment.  Within the first hour she was laying in the cat bed.  Sabrina watched from afar hissing and moaning.  She was NOT happy.  By day 2 Sabrina had calmed down and it looked like Callie could stay.  I think I kept them separated the first couple of days when I left the apartment.  Then eventually by the end of the first week they were ok.  The Calbrinas (as I call them) are good buddies now.  Sabrina tolerates Callie.  Callie can be a bit of a pest sometimes and Sabrina let's her know it.
Callie on her first day in her new home.  Falling asleep in her new bed.
Sabrina on Callie's first day.  What the hell have you done, Mom?!!!!
Sometimes it is just easier to lay in the toy box and sleep

Ack!!!  They multiplied!
Good morning, Mom.  Time to get up and give me some treats.  Thankyougoodbye.
Sorry I hogged the bed, Mom.
Secretly Sabrina really loves her sister from another mister.

My girls are my babies.  They keep me entertained.  Slowly over the years they have become best buddies.  Besides the cat hair they are pretty good roommates.  Now if they would only get jobs and help pay the rent!!

Disclaimer:  As any 'Mom' I have more pictures of my first baby than my second ;-)


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