Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's in your purse

One of my favorite bloggers once shared what she had in her purse.  I loved the idea as I am a nosy gal!  I thought I would share what I carry in mine.   

1.  What must you always, always have in your purse besides the obvious?
Obviously I need my debit card or I can't really do much without it.  I am finding more and more though I've got to have that Tide pen in there.  It never fails when I am out to eat, I get something on my shirt.  And Tide pens help before a stain can set in. 

2.  What is the most random thing you carry in your purse?
I would probably say the utility knife.  You just never know when you might need a knife, screwdriver, scissors, or corkscrew!  That corkscrew has opened a bottle of wine or two.  (BTW when I cleaned out my purse I found 3 cat treats inside.  I have absolutely no idea how they got in there.  I really am turning into a crazy cat lady!)

3.  Do you prefer a small purse or a large one?
I would say I have to have a larger purse.  That way I can put my lunch for work in there, my i-pad, change of clothes, reusable grocery bags, book, or cat.  (I kid about the cat.  Callie does like to stick her head in and look around.)

4.  Do you change your purse with your outfit, or wear one for the season?
I change mine for the season.  Or whenever the mood strikes.  Sometimes I carry the same bag for a couple of months or until I get tired of it.

5.  Does your wallet have to match your purse?
I didn't use to care about this but now anymore it must always match!  And is it just me or wallets starting to cost just as much as the purse?!

My new purse from Kohl's I just bought this weekend!
I don't like a lot of clutter in my purse.

If you had seen my purse this past weekend it was not this neat and organized.  I had all kinds of random things in it since I was traveling.  I switched purses so it gave me a good opportunity to clean things out.  I once read that a clean purse makes you feel better and more organized.  I agree.  Plus I'm a neat freak since the day I was born.  (My Mom never had to tell me to clean my room.)

Contents of purse:  Kleenex, wallet (Target.  I have one in black, too), cosmetic bag (someone made for me), keys (Eiffel Tower key chain from Pier 1), work keys, sunglasses (Target).  Not shown:  work ID

I have 3 FOBs.  Isn't that nutz?!  One is for my car, automatic car starter, and one to get into my apt. building.  So obnoxious.   

Cosmetic bag:  Tums, pen, Tide pen (I ALWAYS spill on myself), inhaler, 3 chapsticks, contact drops, nail file, jump drive, hair tie, floss, and utility knife.

No matter what purse I am carrying, I can never find what I am looking for.  Is that just me?  Maybe someday I will master the art of putting my hand in my purse and pulling out what I need the first time.


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