Thursday, May 22, 2014

What I'm Watchin Wednesday

Hey so I know it is Thursday and not Wednesday today.  (I wish it was Friday already!)  This post was meant to go live on Wednesday.  I was a bit under the weather all day, Wednesday (I think food poisoning.)  Anyway I did watch the Chicago PD finale!  WOW!  You guys need to watch this show.  It is soooo good!

Last night I was obsessively rearranging my season passes on my DVR and I realized I lied to y'all.  I said I had about 50 season passes.  Ummm no.  I have 71.  In my defense not all shows are currently in season.  So you know I'm not watching that much TV.  That is what I will keep telling myself.

**spoilers ahead if you are not up to date on the latest episode

Hands down right now one of my favorite shows is Chicago PD.  It is a spin off from Chicago Fire.  Chicago PD follows the Intelligence Unit for District 21.  They handle high profile cases involving drug trafficking, organized crime, and murders.  I have to watch this show as it airs.  I love it that much.

In order to understand the show you need to know a little about the very good looking cast.

The team:  Burgess, Halstead, Lindsay, Voight, Dawson, and Ruzek
Sergeant Voight (Jason Beghe):  Head of Intelligence Unit.  He does things a little differently in the Unit.  Not by the book but a little off the record.  For the most part he gets away with it.  He has created a kick ass Intelligence Unit.  He is very passionate about his city and protecting it.  My Mom didn't want to watch Chicago PD in the beginning because she hated Voight's character so much from Chicago Fire.

Lindsay and Voight
Detective Lindsay (Sophia Bush):  She is Voight's favorite.  He took her in when she was 16 and got her off the streets.  (From drugs we think.)  Voight made her into a great detective.  She runs with all the guys just fine.  I started watching Chicago PD because of Sophia.  Loved her in One Tree Hill.

Detective Dawson (Jon Seda):  Lost his partner in gunfire in the very first episode.  Detective Dawson doesn't like Sergeant Voight but respects him and tries to keep him honest.  How adorable is Jon Seda?!

Dawson and Halstead

Detective Halstead (Jesse Soffer):  Detective Lindsay's partner.  There is a definite mutual attraction between Halstead and Lindsay.  But because they are partners they don't do anything about it.  Halstead is semi new and likes testing the waters with Voight.  He is such a cutie!!!!!  (Sorry I'm such a girl sometimes.)

Detective Olinsky (Elias Koteas) and Officer Ruzek (Patrick Flueger):  Detective Olinsky is Sergeant Voight's go to man.  They go way back.  Back to the days when they were fresh out of the academy.  Officer Ruzek is a cocky, newbie but willing to do anything.  Together they go undercover and do stake outs for the Unit.
Olinsky and Ruzek

Officer Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) and Officer Burgess (Marina Squerciati):  Uniformed officers who occasionally get to fill in with the Intelligence Unit.  In the last episode Officer Atwater had been given the vacant position with the Unit. 

Sassy Sergeant Platt with Burgess and Atwater
This show keeps me on the edge of my seat.  Just when I think I have the storyline figured out it takes a drastic turn.  I love seeing them catch the bad guys.  And all the high powered guns.  WOW!  The cast also live tweets during east and west coast showings.  It is fun to follow along on twitter and get some of the behind the scenes stories.

Chicago PD season finale is May 21, 2014 on NBC at 10pm.  I am so thrilled it will be back for a second season.  

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