Friday, May 23, 2014

High Five for Friday

I'm linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday.

Finally the long weekend has arrived!  I hope that you have fun plans.  Indy is all a buzz over the 500 weekend.  The month of May is a very exciting time to live in Indy.

Check out these cool earrings my Mom gave me.  She got them when she lived here in the 70's.
1.  Last weekend as you know Mom was in town.  Most of our adventures were surrounded by food.  I mean isn't that what life is about?!?!  Here are a couple of the places we visited.

Shapiro's is a deli that has been around forever in Indy.  My parents use to go there in the 70's and even my great grandparents absolutely loved Shapiro's.

Here is what we had.  Mom-half of a rare roast beef sandwich.  Me-half of a bologna sandwich.  What is great about their sandwiches is they slice the meat and cheese right there in front of you.  Talk about fresh!
We shared broccoli salad, deviled eggs, and a potato cake with applesauce.  Somehow we made room for dessert.  Mom had key lime pie and I had chocolate peanut butter cake. 

My mouth is watering just looking at this!
Check out their full menu here:

We got a late start to our day Saturday (we are not morning people) and ended up having brunch at Zest! in SoBro.  At 2pm we had a little bit of a wait because of a large party.  We shared an order of biscuits and double sausage gravy and each had a half order of their creme brulee french toast.  Both were delicious!  Overall the food was good and we had a nice server.  I just wasn't impressed with the atmosphere of the restaurant.  Everyone seemed grumpy and stressed.

Check out their full menu:

2.  How adorable are my nieces?  I can't even handle the cuteness.  They had these done on Easter by Firefly Photography in Milan, Ohio

Photo from Firefly Photography
Mom sent me this picture from the daycare on Thursday.  What a big girl K#2 is!  Sitting up and eating squash.  I just want to kiss those cheeks!!!

3.  Mom and I went to Ulta on Saturday.  Can I just tell you how much I love this store?!  If I could win a shopping spree it would be to Ulta.  I could spend hours upon hours looking at everything.  I have to control myself.  I almost bought Urban Decay's $54 eyeshadow palette but Mom pulled me away.  Instead I got some much cheaper eyeshadow from Maybelline.  And of course some Essie nail polish.  Essie is my favorite brand of all time.  I am so obsessed with their polish and it stays on forever!

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in Inked in Pink and Bad to the Bronze.  Essie Nail Polish: Naughty Nautical
4.  My co-worker has been hunting morels and she shared this one with me.  (It took up my whole cutting board!)  To my knowledge I have never had one before.  I sliced this baby up, coated with flour/milk, and fried it.  It was delicious!!!

I couldn't find a ruler in my house so I used a stick of butter to show you how big it is.
5.  We had some crazy storms Wednesday afternoon into the evening.  Hail, lightning strikes, and 50mph winds.  This was the view from my apartment between storms.

I hope everyone has a very safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!


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  2. UGH! So sorry didn't mean to remove your comment!!! I hit the wrong button thanks to a cute kitty demanding pets. So sorry! I love Essie polish so much. I hope you find some. Ulta has a nice selection.......DANGER!