Monday, May 5, 2014

A quick funny for you!

Sunday was an adventure for this city gal.  It was a beautiful spring day in Indiana.  Not too hot, not too cold.  It was state park free admission weekend so Lee and myself met up with Cis, T, D & P, Ryan, and Beth at McCormicks Creek State Park.  Sadly I don't have one picture to show for the adventure.  We all enjoyed a lovely picnic made by Cis, T, and P.  (Those ladies can cook!)  Our first real adventure was hiking Trail 9. I was told it was an 'EASY' hike and only 1.2 miles.  1.2 miles and easy?  More like 9 miles and way too many hills!  I think I was cursing everyone under my breathe and said some crazy things like get me out of these damn woods.  (Me, dramatic?!)  Anyway I made it through and got about 8000 steps in on my FitBit.

Do you know what my prize was for finishing the trail?  Getting peed on by a puppy.  Yes you read that right.  A cute little beagle puppy was finishing her walk at the same time as me.  I just couldn't resist her cute little face.  I bent over and starting petting adorable, sweet Millie the pup.  Well as any puppy does when they get excited.......they have to relief themselves.  My left foot just happened to be in the way.  At this moment I thought even though I'm the idiot for wearing flip flops on this hike, at least I don't have tennis shoes on.  Millie went on her merry little way and I was left with a wet, sticky foot.  Something like this only happens to me.  Next time a jelly fish stings me, I will call on Millie to save the day ;-)

A BIG shout out to Ryan who stayed with me on the trail.  He was Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser......cheering me on.  We had a nice heart to heart as well.  Love ya Ry!

Ryan's adorable selfie on the falls at McCormicks Creek.  My hero!


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