Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Regular Cast of Characters

So I thought before I started this blog I might introduce you to some of the regular cast of characters in my life.  This doesn't include all the special people in my life because that would make for a really LONG post.  They are not to be forgotten though.  I value all my family and friends.  I'm extremely lucky to have you all in my life.  Here are some of the people (and pets) I will probably talk about along the way.......

Sabrina - aka Sabrinie, Sabrina McGillcuddy.  My first born cat.  She is black, sassy, and kind of a biotch.  She only loves me and must have her eyes on me 24/7 when I am home.  I don't think she sleeps at night because she is watching over me.  I worry that she may cut me in my sleep if I don't give her treats.  (Ok I kid.)  She was a wild, mean farm cat and I turned her into a diva.  She is really pretty sweet once you get to know her.  Just don't forget her treats.
Callie - aka CalCal, Little Bit, One White Whisker Kitty, Baby Kitty, Baby KiKi, Callie O'Malley.  Is my second born cat.  She is a calico cat that just showed up one day at my parents house.  She lived in my Dad's shoe shine box in the garage until I took her in.  She is the sweetest, cuddlest cat in the world.  In fact I think she is part dog.  She loves to play and knock my remotes and cell phone on the floor.  She adores Sabrina even though the feeling is not mutual.  This Baby Kitty thinks everything I have is hers.

Mom - is my bestest friend.  I would not be alive today if it was not for her.  She has always been there for me and truly is an amazing mother and friend.  I don't know how I got so lucky but I did.  I won't tell you too much about her because I will save that for a Mother's Day post.
Mom and Dad
Dad - Where do I begin?  I love my Dad very much.  He too has always been there for me.  Always supportive and loves me unconditionally.  We drive each other crazy a lot of the time.  I am mad at him a lot because we are both very stubborn.  My brother may look just like my Dad but I act exactly like him. 

Andy - my brother.  He ignores me most of the time.  Sometimes I'm not sure he even remembers he has a sister.  He is a 'Little Bill' in every way.  Acts like my Dad and is the spitting image of him.  In our 'old' age I have discovered we are a lot alike.  We look like twin Cabbage Patch Dolls, are 5'10", find my Dad annoying, our idea of a perfect weekend is never leaving the house, and both have a weird phobia of collar bones.
The last picture we had taken together.

Stacey, K#1, Andy
Stacey - my sister in law.  Poor thing has to put up with Little Bill.  We became really good friends in high school.  She LOVES and I mean LOVES to shop.  She is an amazing Mom!  I can't wait to tell my nieces about all the fun, innocent things we did together in high school...........hahaha!
Stacey and K#2

K#1 - Is my first born niece.  I get an absolute kick out of her.  The things she says!  She reminds me a lot of myself and of course her Mom.  She is obsessed with anything Frozen or Sofia.  Loves playing dress up or any crazy game she can come up with.  She is the smartest 4 year old I know.  Did I mention she loves Frozen?

Dress up is so much fun!  That nosy dog is Casey.  He worships K#1.
K#2 - Is niece number two.  Mom takes care of her everyday at the daycare she works at.  I love getting videos and pictures of her.  She is in the stage right now where I think she looks a lot like my brother.
Such a doll baby!

Lee - I can't share his nickname because is starts with AS and ends with HOLE......haha just kidding.  Lee is my best friend.  Most of the time I am mad at him or thinking of reasons to be mad at him.  He drives me crazy sometimes but I just love him to pieces anyway.  Why he is still friends with me after all these years is beyond me.  We fight like we are an old married couple.  We have been through a lot over the years and no matter how mad I get at him, he is always there.  Still being my friend.  We are polar opposites but yet still enjoy a lot of the same things.  (Like eating and spending money.  Spending Lee's comma money that is.  LOL) We always have a good time together making each other laugh.
Mom, Me, and Lee
Me, Ryan, and Lee

Mama Doris - Is Lee's Mom and my second Mom.  She is just truly an amazing, brave woman.  She took me into her family many years ago and has been there for me ever since.
My adopted family.  Back row L to R: Lee, Ryan, Me, Bob, Cis.  Bench L to R: Mama Doris and Granny (bless her soul).  Ground L to R: Tina, P, Beth, D
Tina - aka T.  Is Lee's middle sister and MUCH older than me!  (Okay maybe only 9 months older.)  T has become a very good friend/sister over the years.  She is a great Aunt and a very hard worker.  She is easy to be around and an awesome cook.  T will always tell me how it is and I respect her for that.  I'm also kind of afraid of her.......................LOL.  I mean she is older than me!  Oh I have to credit T for my love of country music.
D and T.  Stolen from her FB because I have zero pics of T.  I guess she doesn't like me!
Cis - aka Jeanette (that's her real name).  She is the older sister I wish I always had!  She is my partner in crime.  Always willing to go see or meet famous people.  (The Today Show Super Bowl taping and meeting the Pioneer Woman)  She is a realtor so if you are in the market for a house in her area, she's your lady!  I love spending time with Cis because she loves to craft and cook.  She always comes up with fun things for the family to do.

Cis and me at the Super Bowl village in Indy.  We went to the Today Show taping.

D and P - The twins.  I have known them since the day after they were born.  They are 2 of the sweetest kids I know and very well behaved.  I consider them my niece and nephew, too.  I can't stand that they are becoming young adults.  They need to stop growing up!
Me with D and P several years ago at the beach.

Me and P

Bob - is Jeanette's husband.  He has put up with all our crazy shenanigans over the years.  He is an ex-Marine, enjoys NASCAR, hunting, riding his motorcycle, camping, and anything outside.  He is also pretty handy and helped me out a time or two.

Ryan - aka RyRy.  I have known Ryan since my college days at Purdue.  He introduced me to Lee and his family many moons ago.  I don't get to see Ryan as much as I use to but we can pick up right where we left off.
L to R: Lee, me, and Ryan
Beth - aka BethAnn, Bethie, Beverly Leslie.  Beth is Ryan's younger sister.  She is sassy, fun, adorable (her words), and always up for a good time.  Beth is a very hard worker and has helped me move several times and helped Lee paint the whole inside of his house.  She's awesome like that!  Just don't piss her off or Beverly will show up ;-)
Beth.  She's adorable folks!
Casey - aka KK.  This is my Mom's baby boy.  I mean cocker spaniel.  He adores my Mom and suffers from separation anxiety. He loves sunbathes and sleeping in late.  He is a very SPOILED dog.  My Mom created this obnoxious, adorable monster.
Casey Oliver
Annie - aka Ann Banan.  My parents rescued her this winter from Cherished Cockers.  She has a very sad story I won't share because it makes me cry.  She is by far one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.  She doesn't seemed phased by anything and seems to really love her new home.  She never barks and loves to follow KK around.  She is just adorable and a great addition to the family.
Sleepy Annie
Dipstick - aka Dippy, Dippers, Dips, Dip, Baby Boy.  This is Lee's cat.  He is Sabrina's brother from the same mother, different litter.  He is quite vocal compared to my girls.  He is a doll baby.
Dipstick.  Named by the twins because his tail looks like a dipstick.
Co-workers-I'm not going to mention much about work or my co-workers on my blog.  Not because they aren't super cool but I just don't want to mix work and social media.  I would like to keep that part of my life private.  My job is super important to me.  I will however write a VERY long blog on my past career in the hospitality business and why I will never, ever, EVER go back.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Day I met the Pioneer Woman and my Niece

So that is me and the Pioneer Woman (PW).  Also known as Ree Drummond.    Do I look a little red faced in the picture?  Is sweating dripping down my face?  Am I totally starstruck?  Yes, yes, and yes.  But we will get to that all later.

Over the past couple of years I started watching the Pioneer Woman on the Food Network each Saturday morning and reading her blog.  So when I found out she was coming to Cincinnati for a book signing, I just had to meet her!!  She was going to be there the Monday of Thanksgiving week.  I got a couple of friends who are big fans to go, and we were all set.  Nothing could stop us now. was only September.  Thanksgiving seemed like a long way off.

Finally the big day came.  I met my friends at the bookstore in Cincinnati.  I pictured it packed with people and long lines of waiting.  Turns out it was just your neighborhood bookstore and several hundred PW fans milling around.  We picked up our books and got our 'line ticket' and found a corner to sit down in.  Not too long after we arrived PW came out, said hello, and introduced her daughters, Paige and Alex.  It was surreal seeing them standing there talking to us!

The book signing began.  What I found most impressive was PW promised she would stay until everyone had their book signed.  She was in for a long night.  Our wait began.  We were in group H.  Things seemed to move along steadily and finally our group was called.

PW was signing books on the second floor.  We had to work our way around the downstairs floor and up a flight of stairs.  While waiting on the stairs we saw Paige and Alex come back from a shopping trip at TJ Maxx.  Those girls were tall and looked just like their Mama.  As we got closer and closer I started to get nervous.  My legs started shaking and sweat started dripping down my face.  I felt like I was having a hot flash.  What was wrong with me?!

Finally we were at the top of the stairs and we were next in line.  My heart was racing.  I was dripping with sweat.  My friend Jeanette and her 11 year old twin children went first.  D was less than thrilled to be meeting her and be on this trip.  He looked absolutely miserable standing there and holding my purse.  (Why I chose to hand a 11 year old boy my purse is beyond me.)  His sister P is a huge PW fan and seemed excited to meet her.  I was up next.

PW, D, Jeanette, and P.  Doesn't D just look thrilled?!  (Photo courtesy of Jeanette FB)

Somehow my legs carried me over to the end of the table.  In my head I knew what I wanted to say.  Hi I'm a huge fan.  My parents love you.  And your dog Charlie is my favorite.  Instead I just stood there like a big dumb Elmer (one of my Dad's favorite sayings) sweating and suddenly not able to talk.  I just stared at her and watched her sign my books thinking hurrying up, I hate being the center of attention.  I remember looking at her in total awe.  She was sitting there totally poised, shoulders back, and legs crossed.  Her cowgirl boots were in perfect condition and she looked like a model.  Finally I came to and blurted out, "Hi I'm Megan.  I'm Charlie's biggest fan..........."  That was all I could get out.  PW said smile for the camera and she would tell Charlie I said hi.  I hope I said thank you but I really couldn't tell you.  I was totally starstruck.  I picked up the books and waited for our friend Beth to have her turn.  I stood there thinking why didn't I say more.  What is wrong with me?!

PW and Beth.  Look how calm, cool, and collected Beth looks.  So unlike me!!!!  (Photo courtesy of Beth FB)
After meeting the Pioneer Woman, we headed our separate ways.  I was on my way to Norwalk, Ohio for Thanksgiving week with my family.  My Dad was so excited for me to meet PW.  He called me at least 3 times while we were waiting.  He is also a huge fan.  He had a good laugh at me being too starstruck to talk.

The cookbook
My signed copy

As if all that excitement wasn't enough, the very next day my niece was born!!!  And she came in a hurry.  My sister in law Stacey didn't even have time for the epidural to kick in!  The whole family was rushing to the hospital in a mild, Ohio snowstorm.  But we made it.  She is adorable and getting bigger everyday.  She is now 5 months old and starting to really get a cute personality.  She doesn't have much hair right now except in the very back on the bottom.  I call it a mullet.  LOL.

Here are some pictures of Miss K#2 from the past 5 months.   Most pictures are from my Mom who takes care of K#2 at Aunt Erin's daycare.  My other niece, K#1 is a regular visitor to the infant room.  She is 4 going on 14.  The things this kid comes up with.  I tell you ;-)

Me and K#2 at the hospital
K#1, Gammy, and K#2
Aunt Meggie and K#2
Cute, adorable nieces

K#2 Easter weekend

FOOTNOTE:  Because this is the internet and because my nieces and nephew are children, I will only use initials for their names.  Safety first!