Friday, July 15, 2016

High Five for Friday: My life in pictures lately

I am going to keep this short and sweet.  Get right to the good stuff.  The pictures.  Here is my life lately!

1.  4th of July weekend in Norwalk, Ohio.

We got to keep all 3 kids on Sunday.  Even Baby Drew!!!  I could not stop kissing his cheeks.  He loves watching his sisters play and/or fight.  He-he!
At one point Drew was fighting sleep so hard and would not stop fussing.  My arms got tired so I propped him up beside me for just a little break.  He promptly fell asleep. 

Mom and I set the pool up.  They had more fun playing with the hose.
Norwalk puts on a GREAT 4th of July parade.  Over a 100 entries.  It is a big deal.  People stake out their seats the day before.  I am not even kidding.  Stacey's sister has a house on the route and we all went there.  I have never enjoyed the parade more.  It was super relaxing and not stressful.  Front row seats, bounce houses for the kids, and beverages for the adults.  It was a great time.  Thanks Aunt Erin!!!!!

2.  Random act of kindness.  As I was driving home to Indiana, I was about 30 minutes into my drive and remembered I forgot to grab a water for the road.  We had chicken fajitas and chips for dinner.  I was parched!  I got stopped by a train right outside of a small town.  I knew it would be awhile before I would come across a gas station to stop for a drink.  Now my trip was delayed by a train.  I pulled out my phone in a huff.  I looked up to see the guy in front of me getting out of his car.  He flips the trunk open and inside a cooler hepulls out an ice, cold RC Cola.  My mouth starts to water.  The next thing I know, he pulls out a water bottle and points my way.  I hesitate for maybe 2 seconds and shake my head yes.  He walks over to my window and hands it to me.  I thanked him profusely and said I was actually really thirsty.  Isn't it weird how things work out?  It was like the universe worked to my advantage.  I was really appreciative to this kind stranger.  And you know what?  The train only lasted a minute more.
Thank you kind stranger!
3.  My friend Ryan was in town last week.  We did a little shopping at the Christmas Tree Shops.  No they don't sell just Christmas Trees.  It is like a cheaper version of a Home Goods store.  You can find a ton of stuff there.  We decided on Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  Our other BFF was out celebrating his anniversary at a fancy restaurant.  So I decided to poke a little fun and post on FB and snapchat that Ryan and I were celebrating our anniversary, too.  Of being friends for 16 years.  Its what we do.  Poke fun of each other.  We don't really celebrate our friend-anniversary but maybe we should if it includes this!

Strawberry shortcake from the Cheesecake Factory.  Made with biscuits just how we like it.  Absolutely better than anything on the dessert menu.  My mouth is watering just looking at this picture.  Snapchat:  naptowndiva79
4. One of my favorite bloggers, the Lauren Elizabeth, lost her cat on July 4.  Very unexpectedly.  He was only 5 years old.  My girls, Sabrina and Callie are 8 and 7.  It made me realize life is short.  Pets lives are even shorter.  I have been holding my girls a little closer lately.  I saved them both from an outside cat life.  They wouldn't be alive today if I hadn't taken them in.  But in all honestly......they saved my life.  I know I sound like a crazy old cat lady but they make my life so much better.  And they are such good girls.  I couldn't ask for 2 better cats.

Left:  Sabrina Right:  Callie
Me holding Sabrina like a baby in my arms.  You would never know she was the meanest kitten in her litter.

My view as I wake up each morning.  The white thing Sabrina is sitting on is a wicker bookshelf.  I've had it since I was a young girl.  Do you think I am able to put anything on it anymore?!  No.  But I display my cats there.

I resigned my apartment lease, so my carpets got cleaned this week.  I had to pick up everything off the floor.  Here is the couch pile.  Seriously Sabrina?!  On the side of the ottoman, on top of my laptop bag.

Sister cuddles
5.  This picture got me in a lot of trouble this week.  But I don't even care!!!  My Aunt Sally sent to my Mom.  It is a Polaroid my Grams took on Easter at her house in Nashville.  My brother is rolling his eyes at me.  I think it is hilarious.  I'm not even embarrassed by my 90's permed hair and hat.  I LOVED that dress, too.  I posted it on FB for Andy's birthday.  He was NOT happy.  His friends made fun of him on a group text.  I'm not afraid of my little brother.  So much so I am posting again on here.  Oh and Happy Birthday or whatever, Andy.  I miss this Andy.  34 year old Andy is no fun.

Maybe 1993-94??????
Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend!!!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What I'm Watchin Wednesday: O.J. Simpson

I was absolutely obsessed with the O.J. Simpson trial.  Why would 15 year old me care about this trial?  That summer nothing else was on the TV.  My soap (Guiding Light) was preempted by the trial.  I can so vividly remember being in our kitchen making lunch and watching the trial on our tiny antenna TV.

The night of the famous Bronco chase?  I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was a Friday night.  I was pouting about something upstairs in my room.  (After slamming the door, I'm sure.)  Mom came up and consoled me.  Told me to come downstairs.  She had ordered pizza for dinner and there was a police chase on TV I should come watch.  O.J. Simpson was on the run. O.J. who?  I had no idea who he was at the time but I learned pretty quickly.

Do I think he did it?  Absolutely yes!  Why?  Because the evidence is there.  His blood was at the crime scene.  It all points to him.  Who else did it?  Who else?  He had a bad temper and I think that got the best of him.  I think he went over to try and talk to Nicole and he thought Ron was her new lover.  His temper got the best of him and he killed them.  I think he convinced himself and others that he didn't do it.  And still to this day I can't believe he got away with it.

Need proof on how I felt back then as a 15 year old?  Check out my diary pages. I knew when I wrote this in my diary, someday I would look back on my entries.  Aren't I a nut?  I wrote in a diary from maybe 8 until I was 17.  Mostly about what I ate that day.  LOL!

**Dear Kitty.  If you ever read the Diary of Anne Frank, she always wrote Dear Kitty in all her entries.  It was the name she gave her diary.  She wrote it as if she was talking to a friend.  I was obsessed with Anne Frank and learning all about the Holocaust.  Thanks to my 8th grade English teacher, Mr. Ford!

 October 2, 1995    10:05pm
Dear Kitty,
Will American sleep tonight?  I know I won't.  Tomorrow we will find out the LONG AWAITED question.  Is O.J. guilty or innocent?  I believe he is guilty!  After one day the jury decided.  I will write tomorrow and catch you up on what I have been doing.

October 3, 1995
Dear Kitty,
Well O.J. was convicted not guilty!  We all know that deep down.  So O.J. got off the hook.  We all know that deep down he did it and when he does it again we will know he did it.  Stars always get off.
 (The rest is just talking about what I had been up to.  Boring 15 year old stuff.)
Photo from FX
When I heard about the show, The People vs. O.J. Simpson, you know I added it to my DVR immediately.  It is a 10 part series that takes you from the night the murders happened, to when O.J. came home after the verdict.  This is by far one of the best mini series I have ever watched.  The cast was amazing!  Not only in the acting but they looked exactly like the real characters.  Cuban Gooding as O.J., Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, John Travolta as Robert Shapiro, Nathan Lane as Lee Bailey, David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian.  Just to name a few.  Just outstanding.  I learned details about the case I didn't pick up on the first time around.  Like O.J. flew to Chicago after the murders occurred. I also learned he had written a suicide note before he went on the Bronco chase.  If you need something to watch this summer, please check this series out.  It is available on Amazon.

Photo from ESPN
I just finished watching another series O.J.: Made in America.  It is a 5 part ESPN series that can be found On Demand.  I will be the first to admit I am not a big sports fan.  I don't really understand football.  My Dad told me O.J. was one of the best football players of all time.  After watching the series, wow.  I had no idea.  His 'good' stardom was before my time.  I have to admit, I am impressed.  And on top of football, he was a track star as well.  What can't he do?!

Every time I watch these shows about O.J., I keep thinking the verdict will change.  He will be found guilty.  He won't get away with it.  But he does.  It is a little funny that he is sitting in jail now for attempting to rob someone in a Vegas hotel.  Trying to steal O.J. memorabilia from a dealer.  Not too smart.  That is karma for you.

Why do I think he is guilty?  The overwhelming amount of evidence against him.  O.J.'s blood at the crime scene, Nicole and Ron's blood at O.J.'s house, in his Bronco, and the infamous glove.  His lawyers somehow charmed the jury enough to see right past the evidence.  Even the terrible domestic abuse between Nicole and O.J. is proof enough for me.

I ask you, if he didn't do it........who did?  Where is this person?  Why have they never been caught?  I truly believe O.J. was able to convince himself that he didn't do it and those around him.  He has some kind of mental illness that can just block out what he did.  Just like when he would abuse Nicole.  He would just black out and become someone else.

In all of this, we need to remember the families of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.  They are the ones who have really suffered in all of this.  They don't have the answers and justice they need.  They will never be able to find peace.  Nicole's children grew up without their Mom.  Ron never got to see his family again.  That is the real tragedy.
Friday, June 24, 2016

High Five for Friday: 5 things I've been up to

Let me just blow all the dust off this old thing!  My goodness!  It has been since January!  Let me see if I remember how to do this...........

1.  Let's start where I left off.  I don't think I gave you a proper recap of our holidays.  Is it too late for that?  Let's pretend it just Christmas in July.  Any excuse for me to show off my nieces.
We will start left and work our way clockwise.  My beautiful tree.  The girls with Santa.  Katie being cute.  Kylie going to Christmas tea.  Me and Kylie making Christmas cookies.  Gammy, me, Aunt Sally, and Kylie all at LS Ayres Christmas tea.
Kylie opening gifts.  She is an ole pro.  Please notice the grumpy old man in the background, not paying attention, and on his phone.
The whole family.  Don't mind the 2 year old with no pants.  Life is hard when you are 2.  And so is potty training.
I turned 26 (plus or minus 10 years.)  I got to spend it with my 2 favorite girls.  I was treated to a mani and a pedi as well as getting my hair done.  The most perfect day.  #spoiled

I hope this elf returns next year.  She puts on quite the show when she should be in bed.
2.  Somewhere in the midst of the cold hard winter, I discovered Snapchat.  Totally addicting app.  My user name is naptowndiva79 if you want to follow along.

Somewhere on a beach.
There will always be lots of cats on my snap.
Maybe even one playing a saxophone.
Always a family affair.
And filters that make me look 26.

3.  On March 15, in the wee small hours of the morning, my baby nephew Drew was born.  He will get his own blog post very soon.  But here is a sneak peek at his cuteness.
Happy Birthday, Drew Alan!

Daddy and the big sisters

Me and Baby Drew
We think we will keep him because obviously he fits right in.
Poor thing doesn't have a chance against these two.

Drew and Mommy saying goodbye to Gammy at daycare.
This is from earlier this week in his R2D2 outfit.  Got to start them young on Star Wars.
4.  The month of March was extremely busy for our family.  Kylie had a birthday, Drew was born, a wedding anniversary, and of course Easter.

This one turned 6 on March 12.  No big deal......
On March 27 these lovebirds celebrated 45 years of marriage.
We taught Katie how to dye Easter eggs.  She enjoyed drinking it most of all.
Our finished eggies.
At the Easter buffet
It is not a holiday unless someone dresses alike.
5.  I will finish this blog post up with some random pictures.

I decided to become an adult and buy new furniture.

One of my dearest friends got married.  We have known each other since we were in 8th grade.
At dinner.  It was such an honor to spend the day with her.

Girls just wanna have fun!
2 cool chicks
I went to a comedy club and got to meet my favorite ginger, Matt Bellassi.  We drank lots of wine and laughed until our sides hurt.
Basically my most favorite picture of all time.  All that swag in one pic.  Gymnastics all the way!
Memorial Day fun!

Baby Drew

I bought a blow up pool for the girls and secretly me, too.  We had a good time.

Daddy and Drew

L:  First day of kindergarten.  R:  Last day of kindergarten.  I am going to go cry now.
That concludes my tour.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I enjoyed reliving those moments.  I have been sick with a nasty cold, bronchitis, allergies since Memorial Day.  My life hasn't been too eventful in the last month except for a camping trip.  I will share that with you soon.  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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